What I did over the weekend.

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My typical weekend usually involves some sort of two wheeled action. Last Saturday was no different. So we gathered some of our riding buddies to meet us at the Best Trail in The WORLD…the Fullerton Loop.

From left to right, Tony, Dial Tone, Art, Andrew and Moe. Notice how Tony and Dial Tone are looking at Moe. That’s because Moe recently shaved his right leg and was showing us how smooth it was. He kept saying, “Go on…touch it. It’s smooth!”

Moe was so proud of his new sexy leg that he asked me to take a photo of it. By the way, that’s our BikeCommuters.com Wool Socks!

This is Art, he was telling us a story about this Super Model he used to date. He said she was a Victoria’s Secret Model….but he later explained that she was Victoria’s BIG Secret Model.

Though the last part of my weekend didn’t involve biking, but I did get asked to babysit while his mom was in a meeting. This is my friend’s son, Drew. This was his first time drinking Rockstar…and he loved it!

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