Father’s Day Tres..Trees..Thrice?

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How ever you say “Three” in Mexican..that’s what I meant to do in the title. To follow up on Adam’s article below. I wanted to give you an update on my daughter’s bike that made me money. On Saturday Lady P, Boo and I headed out to Aliso Woods. Boo loves that place because she likes seeing all the wild life out there. Sure enough it didn’t disappoint, but more on that later.

Lady P and the Boo.

We rode a pretty easy path in which we stayed on the main trail, Woods Canyon. Once we got up to the base of Cholla, we took a rest and I snapped a few shots of our rides. Here’s Boo’s Giant Boulder. Man I love the pink accents! So far she likes it, big difference in comfort compared to her older 24″ mountain bike. The shifting is still something she’s getting used to, but that will come in time.

Lady P rode the Ibex Asta Pro-great bike! Very nimble, climbs with ease and smooth.

Then there was the Redline D600. One thing with this bike, I’m finally starting to adjust to the riding characteristics of the whole 29er thing.

As promised here’s some wild life we encountered. I think this one is called the Anaconda. This ferocious beast was sunning it’s self and took the trail captive. It refused to let us pass.

Then we saw 2 Deer…Deers? Doors?

To me this is a great shot, sure the quality is terrible, but to see Lady P and my Lil’ Boo riding makes my heart sing.

Check out this stream crossing, intense, I know…

This ride was Boo’s Father’s Day present for me and I loved it! Here she is with her new bike right before we headed back.

One of our favorite things to do after a ride is to eat. We found a Hawaiian place that offered a “Grilled Macaroni and Cheese Burger.” All I can say is…SOOOOO GOOD!

I hope you all had a great Father’s Day!

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