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29er Humor

IMAG0715 - Sophia
The first thing I did was go on a ride to Aliso Woods with Lady P, Single K and Nick D. Since I was out of shape, right after climbing up Cholla, I decided to head a different direction than the rest of the group. I went through Rockit (my favorite) and met them down by the bottom of their destination, Meadows. In the photo above you can see that I’m still using the KORE OCD bar. Yes I know it’s pretty wide and throughout the time I was at Aliso, I kept getting asked, “bro, how wide are those bars?”

As I was sitting waiting for the rest of the group to arrive, I noticed this chart that was posted on the trail. It’s some sort of circle of life thing. Aren’t those squirrels cute! But it’s sad how the Coyote is about to pounce on them. Then the bunny next to it just doesn’t have a chance since the rattler is right behind him.

Once I got home, I noticed something on my rear derailleur. Can you see it? All morning I kept mishitting and I thought that I either wore out my drive train or the hanger was bent. Well, I’m glad that it was just this issue in which I could easily fix.

Later that day I walked my dog, Cowboy.

I then went to Wal-Mart. Not sure if you do this, but I ALWAYS go by the bicycles and make fun of the assembly jobs. Here’s a great example of how their bicycle assembly people don’t really know much about putting bikes together. I was first drawn to this bike because it’s a 29er beach cruiser, but I noticed the bars.

I thought that this might have just been an isolated incident, nope. Check out this other 29er cruiser.All the other cruisers and bikes had proper handle bar positioning, but for some odd reason, those guys made the 29ers look like this.

Last but certainly not least. The bitter/sweet moment of my weekend. I just about screamed like a little girl at Justin Bieber concert when I saw this…a Unicorn helmet! But I was saddened that they only had children’s sizing…

After realizing that I probably would never come across an adult sized Unicorn helmet, I drank my sorrows away and went to bed in the sporting goods aisle. But I was rudely interrupted by an employee saying I had to go home. As sad as I was, that helmet gave me inspiration for a NEW jersey…you ready? Unicorns! I’m already working with our artist to see if we can come up with a long sleeve DH style jersey. Ya I know it’s summer right now and it’s going to be 90 degrees today…but it’s my jersey so there!

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