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SoCal was pretty humid this weekend. So much so that when you sweat, it doesn’t dry out so it can cool you down. Nope, all it did was stay on your body and make you more miserable. In fact, it was so humid that in the course of 2 days I must have showered at least 6 times just to keep fresh and cool. This Saturday we gathered some of the troops to go riding at Whiting Ranch over in South Orange County. I loaded up the IBEX Asta and the KHS XC604

If you’ve ridden Whiting, then you’ll know about the dreaded climb called Mustard…it sucks. I’ve been told that this photo looks like I’m about to throw up…well ya, I was about to. Ugh…But going down the other side of the trail made the climb worth it. A great number of fast switch backs and g-outs made it so much fun.

You know what else I find fun, matching Lady P’s outfits, yes,I try to match her even when we ride.

I’m not quite sure what Doc and Dan were looking at…

Perhaps they were checking out Khoa’s new carbon Rocky Element 70…nice

Before I end this write up, I must say that IBEX ASTA EXPERT was such a blast to ride. It was very easy to climb with and super responsive during the switchbacks. The suspension soaked up all the bumps and made the whole ride so much fun.

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