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We’ve had the Airborne Goblin for a few weeks now and I wanted to provide our handsome as well as the ugly readers an update on how this bike is holding up. Mind you, our formal review will be up soon, and this update is to give you taste on what’s been going on with the bike.

So far we’re convinced that if you want to mainly ride XC, which entails staying on ground, no jumping and going fast, that the Airborne Goblin is a great choice. It’s fast, reliable, fun and did I mention how fast it was?
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With the Goblin, yours truly has been able to do some remarkable XC riding. You see, I have this reputation of being the designated sweeper of the ride since I’m pretty darn slow. I usually will be the first to recommend rest breaks and short cuts. But it wasn’t until I got on the Goblin that things started to change. One day it dawned on me that when I’m on the Goblin, I ride way faster!
airborne goblin

During one of my lunch time rides, I tried doing the whole trail without stopping. To my surprise I was considerably faster, by about 15 minutes. Then I started trying to beat Lady P’s best time of 1hour 5mins on the Fullerton Loop. I did. Then I wanted to go after Khoala’s best time of 59mins. I did. Since I didn’t have GPS or a fancy app that timed me, both Lady P and Khoala didn’t believe me at all. They said something about having proof. So last Friday, Khoala equipped me with his Garmin GPS and we all rode together. Between Lady P and Khoala, they couldn’t keep up! To my surprise I yielded a 56min lap, that’s crazy fast for me! In all the years I’ve been riding the Fullerton Loop, I’ve never broken the 1 hour mark. But just a few rides with the Airborne Goblin, I’ve been able to smash my previous times!
Some still don’t believe that I can ride that fast now. I don’t believe it myself, in fact I really think that it’s the bike that makes me ride faster!

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