Chain Stay Protector for $3.50

Does your chain stay look like this? That happens because the chain slaps against the stay causing some damage to the paint and if left unprotected, it could eventually start causing pit marks on the metal itself.
how to make a chain stay protector

Here’s a cheap and simple way to protect your investment. I actually got this idea from Khoala Bear since he recently did it with his own Rocky Mountain Element. He wanted to make sure that his carbon stay was shielded from the abuse a chain can dish out. All I did was get some Self Bonding Tape at the local Harbor Freight. Lowes and Home Depot sells something similar to what you see. The price on this was only $3.50 for a 10’x1″ roll, not bad eh!
chain stay tape

I cleaned the area that I am going to treat and start wrapping.
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It also works on other places where you might need some protection, such as forks that get too much cable rub.
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The whole process takes only a few minutes and with a 10ft roll you can treat a few bikes, not bad for $3.50!

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