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Yesterday during my lunch ride I decided to take Burt ReynoldSS out for it’s maiden voyage. I was pretty excited about since it’s been a while since I’ve ridden a single speed.

But during my climbs the chain was skipping. Ugh…I thought I had addressed that issue by placing the rear cog further out and spacing my tensioner with a set of washers. However, if you look at this photo below the tensioner is pushing the chain in and when under load, it will cause it to skip.
redline single speed

With this in mind, I’ve got two choices. 1, I can tray and mess with the chain line by putting the front ring inside of the crank arm and align the rear cog a few spaces back to see if the chain can fall within the roller from the tensioner. The other option would be 2, that’s to get a new tensioner that allows some adjustment on the roller.

Getting a new one seems to be the best option, probably the easiest. But you know me, I’ll find a way to make what I have work and my last resort would be purchasing a new tensioner.

Another issue I found was the stem height. Not a big deal, just have to move it down a bit since it felt really high. It made it difficult to climb when the bars feel like they are up to my chest and it makes it tough to gain leverage.
Redline d600 singlespeed

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4 thoughts on “Can you see what I see…

  1. Any way you can ‘magic gear’ it (maybe using a half link)?

    Also, is the BB too wide? Seems odd that’s where your chainring hits width-wise.

  2. The BB might be too wide, but I think the cheaper way to address this is to get a new tensioner. What’s weird is, this crankset came off my old CX SS bike…no issues.

  3. Can’t you just use a derailleur hanger adjustment tool to bend the hanger out a bit? I would think that that would be the cheapest solution.

  4. I could but when I was messing with the bike today, I found that the tensioner would move under load. So I went ahead and just ordered a better one off Ebay. Should be here in a few days, which is perfect since the trails will dry out by then.

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