There on the trail…I found him.

Today marked the first day of the year where The Moe and I rode together. What better way to tell this story than with pictures! We all know if there’s no pictures or if it’s not on Facebook, it didn’t happen!

So here we go! The Moe showed up to the trail wearing the EXACT SAME jersey as I was! We’re like Twinsies!

The Moe and I actually hadn’t seen each other since Thanksgiving or something like that. So this was our time to exchange presents. I gave him his gift, then he turned around and said in a sultry voice, “Hey big boy, I’ve got your present right here!” Immediately I asked if I could get the gift receipt…haha.

This was The Moe’s first time on the bike since…October. So here I am doing my best impression on how he was feeling.

We saw some goats! The Moe kept saying to one of them, “Damn. DAMN! OH DAMN!Ok, ok, ok. Ahem.‘Scume ca’I talk to yo fo a minute? ESCUME ca’I TALK TO YOU FO A MINUTE? Uhh, yeah, whats up?”

As we rode the trail, The Moe was telling the proper techniques of looking good on a bike even though its been months since he last rode one. He told me to go ahead of him and take a picture so we can document his prowess. Wow, he wasn’t kidding! The Moe looks great!
the moe

When we got a certain part of the trail…there he was in all his glory…JESUS! I had found Jesus on the trail!

It was great to ride with my old friend The Moe. It’s always fun and magical! Yes it’s magical. If you ever get a chance to ride with him, you’ll understand.

Last but not least, check out these big nuts! Wow! Those are some big nuts!
big nuts!

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