Sometimes it’s OK to ask for help

For the most part I can work on pretty much every part of a bike. From shocks, forks, derailleurs and even disc brakes. But when the KHS XCT 556 needed a brake pad replacement, I tried to bleed the brakes myself and found that I had a short attention span because I must have missed a few steps in the SRAM video that I watched to learn how to do this task. Due to the fact that I messed up my brakes, I decided to see if Animal could be of service. With a 12 pack of Coors Light in tow, I headed over to his house to get some help.

Here we are watching the SRAM video on how to bleed Avid brakes.
avid elixir bleeding

I’m reviewing some new brake pads, but I had a hard time pushing the brake pistons back in. Bleeding the brakes would help solve that problem.
KHS xct556

The necessities of the job, Avid bleed kit and Coors Light.
avid bleed kit

Animal freaking out! Jk, that guy never freaks out. He’s one of the most mellow guys I know. He’s like a gentle giant.
avid bleed

With Avid brakes, you have to make sure that you follow the directions that SRAM has, otherwise it won’t work. Animal ended up bleeding the brakes 2 times just to ensure there were no bubbles in the lines.
avid bleed kit

After it was all said and done, Animal re-installs the rear wheel. The whole process only takes about 20 minutes, but we hung out for at least 2 hours that night just chit-chatting about bikes and stuff.
Now if you’re interested in bleeding your own brakes, make sure you get the bleed kit and watch this video below.

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