You Are What You Drink

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I’ve heard it said, “You are what you eat.” I call B.S. I have been eating fast food for years and I have yet to get any faster. After brewing my daily pot of coffee this morning I have come to the realization You Are What You Drink. I like my coffee black, mornings, afternoon, strong and black. My wife on the other hand has a tremendous sweet tooth. I joke that she doesn’t add coconut creamer to her coffee but rather she adds coffee to her sweetened creamer. She is much sweeter than I. I like sugar too — sugar that has been cooked down, fermented, distilled, and aged into rum. Given my bitter disposition it should be no surprise that I drink a fair about of beer; bitter IPAs most regularly. I am imbibing as I type this. My beverage stays chilled thanks to my favorite coozie (maybe 2nd fave, these are awesome). Sadly, my glorious G-men failed to make the playoffs this year. You are what you drink? Call me a loser.

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