Jumped the gun on Valentine’s Day

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On February 14th it’s going to be Valentine’s Day. This is the “holiday” that can either get you in trouble or make you look like a hero. Hopefully you’ve planned ahead and got your wife/girl friend something special. As I mentioned in a previous article, I decided to go with a bicycle themed gift for Lady P. Scheck it out! If you couldn’t already tell, it’s the Airborne Hobgoblin.
airborne Hobgoblin
airborne hobgoblin
If you’re wondering, no I didn’t get this bike for free. I actually purchased it for Lady P. This was actually the first time I bought a bike online without trying it. But through the encouragement of fellow team mate, Jerry Hazard who happens to own 2 of these Hobgoblins, I ended up ordering it directly from Airborne.
It’s hard to tell from these photos, but the frame is this really pretty deep pearl navy color. I love how the logo is HUGE on the downtube.
airborne hobgoblin on mtnbikeriders.com
I made a couple of changes for Lady P. I started with a new carbon bar courtesy of team rider Corey Pond as well as a new Sunline V-One stem. I also swapped out the saddle with a Serfas Carma Saddle and replaced the seat collar clamp with a quick release version because I know Lady P likes to lower her seat before tackling technical stuff.
airborne hobgoblin
Here’s what’s surprising about the Hobgoblin, the weight. Lady P’s bike is a 15″ frame and it came in with no pedals at 27.5lbs.
Airborne Hobgoblin
Unfortunately the trails are wet due to a quick winter storm, otherwise LadyP and I would be out riding and testing this bike out.

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  1. Thanks for setting the bar incredibly high for the rest of us. Now I’ll be sleeping on the sofa cause RL got his wife a bike and I got my wife some dishwashing gloves. Thanks Topper.

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