Geocache Contest at the Fullerton Loop #3

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Last week’s winners are Aimee D and Amanda K. This particular cache was hard to find because we placed it under and I mean UNDER a bridge behind the tunnels. Congrats to the two of them for finding it. Apparently they had help from other folks who were happy to be part of the contest. I love how this is helping build camaraderie amongst the people who enjoy the Fullerton Loop
fullerton loop geocache contest

This week we’re giving away a his and her cycling package. 2 pairs of gloves and 2 cycling jerseys by Canari. They are all together in this one box.
fullerton loop geocache contest

Here are the coordinates. You’ll be looking around this area. Remember, a GPS signal can put you around the item by as much as 20-50ft. So make sure you keep an eye out!

33.880211, -117.926190‎
+33° 52′ 48.76″, -117° 55′ 34.28″

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