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Check it out kids, here’s the most recent addition to Burt Reynolds. I picked up this neat little upgrade from the most recent Fullerton Loop Swap Meet from non-other, Adam “Albacore” Spik. He hooked me up with a killer deal that would be equivalent to 5 large Pho bowls or a dinner for two at a local sushi restaurant, or half a tank of gas.

gold chris king headset

I also swapped out the brake rotors with some Dirty Dog MTB rotors, thanks Nick DeBeer!

Here’s how Burt’s new headset looks. I swapped my greyish/silver stem with a black one and went with a wider KORE Torsion bar. Cuz’ I like big, black things that are wide…(wink wink)..

I also swapped out the tires with a used set that I found from the swap meet. Oh and I also upgraded his wheels! You see my favorite Fireman, Albacore GAVE…yep, GAVE me a set of FSA XC-209 wheels. But I decided to install those on LadyP’s Airborne Hobgoblin, then I took her old wheels, the WTB SpeedDisc I-19 Alloy Double-Walled. The parts transplants yielded a total weight loss of 2.5lbs!


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