I’d like you to meet John…John Bon Jovi

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Yes you read it right. This is Bon Jovi. He’s our latest build project here on MtnBikeRiders.com. Bask in the awesomeness of Bon Jovi for he is a Rockstar! A Titus Rockstar 29er to be exact.
Titus Rockstar 29er

So why did I chose the moniker for this build? Well duh…Bon Jovi is a Rockstar and so is this Titus. Makes perfect sense to me!
Titus rockstar

RockShox Monarch RT3 with 100mm of travel.
mtnbikeriders.com titus rockstar

I like this nice little detail, a stainless steel chain suck shield protects the Full Carbon Construction rear swing arm. Yes you read it right, FULL CARBON in the rear!

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe this is the FRS rear suspension linkage being used on Bon Jovi.
titus mountain bikes

Check out these sexy chain and seat stays…bent and contoured for more clearance and all that fancy, dirty talk.
titus rockstar

Here’s another nice detail. An On-One Smoothie tapered headset with a reducer race.
mountain bike 29er

Behold what I can do in 20 minutes! Pressed the headset, installed the fork, wheels, stem and bars. I mated it with a Marzocchi 44 TST2-29. It’s got MAAAAD travel, hovering around 140mm, ya that’s like 5.5″ in American measurements. By the way those sticky tires are CST Dusters. They are wrapped around the Shimano MT55 29 wheels in white. But one thing I’m sure you all are already complaining about…”It would look better if that fork was white.” You know my response to that? “I wish I was taller…” But the thing is Capt. Obvious, one little detail you didn’t notice is this. the fork matches the rear shock’s color…of how I like my coffee and my men, BLACK.
Mtnbikeriders.com titus rockstar 29er
In the next few days as parts start to roll in, I’m hoping to get the brakes situated. I went budget conscience and stuck with a new set of Elixir 1…ya I know there are better brakes out there, but since I’m paying for this project and you’re not, we’re sticking with the Elixir 1’s.

One last little detail. Wolf Tooth Components sent us this fancy chain ring. That’s right Fart Faces, we’re going 1x! 1×9? 1×10? 1×1? Who knows! As we move forward with the build, we’ll keep you updated on the happenings.

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