Me and Bon Jovi on the trail for the first time

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On Saturday morning The Moe and I headed out for an early ride. This was going to be my opportunity to see how well Bon Jovi (Titus Rockstar 29er Version2) handles the trail.

Before we get to the dirty talk, let’s see how much he weighed without pedals. Considering that this build pretty much turned Bon Jovi into 5.5″ travel (front) bike, I’d say it’s a decent weight. If you can’t really see what the scale shows, that’s about 28.5bls.
titus Rockstar

Nice eh? He’s looking super handsome. He really is a nice little ride. The 1×10 set up is something I need to get used to. I do ride a bit slower since my chain ring is only a 32. But because of it, I didn’t have to walk any of the hills on our ride.

Speaking of 1×10, here’s the Wolf Tooth Components chain ring. Go ahead, ask me if the chain ever dropped during my ride? Go on..ask! “RL, did the Wolf Tooth Components Chain Ring drop during your ride?” HELLS NO! That thing stayed on there as if it was Velcro’d on! Keep in mind, I’ve had my share of experiences in trying to do 1x set ups. From 1×3,1×8,1×9 and even 1×1 single speed. I’ve dropped chains like crazy before on 1x systems. But something about this chain ring that keeps the chain from dropping. I heard that each tooth is magentized, so it helps to keep the chain on there tight…I’m just kidding, I made that last part up. I’m sure it has something to do with way they engineered it, which happens to be out of my comprehension. But I do know this, it works!
Wolf tooth components

I call this Bon Jovi’s “sexy time” photo. The Titus Rockstar, which I’ll often refer to Bon Jovi at times because that’s his formal name, is a great ride. Super plush, handles really well, climbs with ease and it’s really fun on the downhills.
Titus rockstar

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