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Loaded was hopping all week at Sea Otter event and if you remember, last year we visited there booth and Loaded was kind enough to give us a pair of their No Slip Grips to do a test and review on, which I’m happy to report they are still going strong with no wear.
Well this year we stopped by to see what was happening with them, Diego Cristobal gave us the low down and walked us through their new Napalm and X-Lite Carbon line. This covered their Handel bars, Stems, Seatpost, and wheelsets.
The bars, seat post, stem, and wheelsets use Loaded Precision’s Uni-Directional (UD) Nano Infused Carbon technology and would have to be the lightest sets of carbon components I have ever felt on the market.

We started out with the new Napalm series Carbon bars. When Diego handed them to me I was blown away at how incredibly light they were. All I could think was that these were way to light to use with any kind of mountain biking. Diego informed me that they are the lightest on the market and challenged me to find a lighter set. I took his word for it and we pressed on. The bars are run through a stress test machine that will put them through tougher paces than you or I would put them through to insure they are strong and durable.
The Napalm bars (flat or riser) weigh in at 118g-114g. The X-lite UD at 133g.
All the handle bars are extremely light and look to offer any XC rider a weight savings for their XC racer they are looking for.

The new Napalm stem was sick light. They offer stems from 90mm to 120mm lengths and weight in at 91 grams starting with the 90mm, have a +/- 6 degree rise. The material is high grade UD Nano Infused Carbon, a stack height of 35mm, come with titanium hardware, and a full carbon face plate.
Its clear to see that Loaded went all out to give their customer’s the absolute best here. As they state on their website, they have “maximized the strength, while eliminating all non-essential weight, but best of all through Loaded’s exhaustive testing and precise manufacturing process they have allow themselves to offer the Napalm Carbon Stem with a lifetime warranty. “WOW!!” Now that is pretty awesome.

The Loaded X-lite Ultra Seatpost is the definition of minimalistic, as quoted by Loaded and it is. Again Nano infused carbon is used here for the seatpost making it ultra light.
Loaded uses zero air vacuum curing with their uni-directional (UD) layup which creates a combination of light weight and strength. The X-Lite offers a low-profile head for optimal saddle clearance; wide saddle clamp section reduces rail stress and flex and Titanium Hardware.
The post comes in all the main sizes (27.2, 30.9, and 31.6), with the weight starting at 148g (27.2/300mm).

Loaded offers three carbon wheelsets. The AMX Carbon 27.5, X-lite Carbon 29, and the X-lite Ultra carbon 27.5/29.
The carbon wheels that caught our eyes was the X-lite Ultra Carbon Wheelset.
This wheelset was really super cool and also light in weight. Explained to us by Diego, the rims are made with the same Uni-Directional (UD) Carbon Material, Loaded uses what they call CKT or Carbon Kitting Technique to secure the carbon layers together in the bonding process, making the rims a lot more durable, light in weight, and strong.
Loaded offers them in 27.5 and 29. Loaded use their very own Tubeless system called TBT (True Bead Technology) that offers an (as they say)”efficient interface between tire and rim for easy installation and inflation.”
Wheelset features include their X-lite V.2 Hub, DT Swiss 180 Ceramic Hub, or DT Swiss 240 Hub. All hand laced in San Deigo.
Specs are with 27.5;
Weight 1298g- 1555g
Width 19mm (internal), 25.3mm (external)
Disc Mount 6 bolt, Centerlock (DT 180)
Hole 28h or 32h

When you look at these carbon components and factor in the cost with the time to come up with them, they would make any XC race rig a worthy light weight winner.
To see more of Loaded Percision products you can go to

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