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Well we tested some Enduro gear, so next had to be a helmet that would fit Enduro/All Mountain. Now we have to say that when it comes to these type specific helmets there are quite a few to choose from, so we went with the new BELL Helmets SUPER.
BELL did a fantastic job of developing this helmet. Its packed full of features that cover not only safety, but keep the rider in mind who likes to do POV videos of their rides, something no one has done at the time BELL introduced the SUPER and I don’t know if anyone has to date.
One thing we like to do is look at the safety as the number one thing, then the comfort, function, and just plain good looks.


When you look at the BELL SUPER you can see that it comes full of features. First off the SUPER has a certification rating for CE EN1078 & CPSC Bicycle. Next you notice that the helmet’s shell seems stout in looks. This is due to its Fusion In-Mold Microshell, add the internal reinforcement, lightweight webbing, lightweight buckle, lightweight Cam-Lock Levers, X-Static Padding, then you finish it off with a Speed Dial Fit System to give you one nicely made helmet.

Now round all this off with A 25 vent system that would just about allow you to pedal through hurricane force winds (well maybe not, but our legal department tells us we can’t say things like that) and couple that with the 4 Overbrow Ventilation Ports to give you a cool head to attack any trail.

One of the cool things I like is the fact that BELL gave thought about what to do with your goggles. Simply lift up the GoggleGuide Adjustable Visor System and you have a spot to hold your goggles in place no problem. If you choose not to use the peak BELL provides goggle holders that replace the peak system.
Now the other great design feature BELL was hip on was the breakaway GoPro mount that goes on the top of the helmet. With all of us wanting to get that POV vid of our epic race or ride action. This is a cool feature that you just Velcro in with straps on the provided mount, put your GoPro on and you are ready to go.
The SUPER comes in at a weight (if your into counting things like this) of 390 grams.


When I first started wearing the SUPER I felt it was a bit heavy, now I haven’t tried any of the other brands in this category to compare it too, so I can’t say if it’s heavy or not, but in truth after wearing the SUPER I feel safer in it. The weight makes me feel safe, so is 390 grams to heavy?
No, it isn’t! Once I adjusted the Speed Dial Fit System internal arms (see pic above) and adjusted the Speed Dial, the helmet hugged my head great. You also get great rear coverage as well as side coverage.
Now you may see this kind of coverage on many brands, but I feel as though I’m wearing half a fullface with no chinbar (remember this).
What about the comfort. The X-Static padding is nice, but I would like just a little more thickness in this department, still it’s not bad on an all-day ride, plus it does a good job keeping the sweat from my eyes.
The one place I felt “literally “when riding with the SUPER is the amazing air flow you get from this helmet. These giant vents are just great. I’m a firm believer that if you’re going to make a bicycle helmet, let the air flow with venting. BELL has hit the mark here.
The goggle holding system is tops and how simple was that to think up, and you still look hip with them in this position.
The last thing is the GoPro mount. This is well thought out and a perfect position for the POV. The idea of it being a breakaway mount will save your GoPro and in the event of a crash you shouldn’t feel it pull on your head causing neck injury in comparison to a solid mount to the helmet.
I have been around BELL Helmets along time. They were my helmet of choice in my motocross days. They were known in the days to make the best, for the best racers in the world.
So what I see here is the same quality and safety in their cycling line as they do with their motorsports line.
As we post this story Enduro event courses have begun to look more like DH courses in some areas with rougher rock sections and drops, so BELL has already in the making the SUPER 2 ( remember I mentioned chinbar).
So when you’re ready to shell out those hard earned clams you saved up the retail of the SUPER is $125.00.
Not a bad price to pay when it comes to your head. BELL has in my mind made a great ENDURO All Mountain helmet here, with superb feature.

If there was one ad that BELL has done that stuck in my head all these years and I know I’m dating myself here, but this is so true and I think of it when I go to replace a helmet every time.
“If you have a $10.00 head, wear a $10.00 helmet.”

Contact or see your local bike dealer for a BELL SUPER.
Many thanks goes out to Niki Jaimes for the test product.

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