Mountain Biking

With Enduro racing in Europe becoming all the rage and Enduro racing becoming popular here in the states it almost seems that it could replace Downhill racing. “Naaaahhh, never happen.”
With this kind of new racing discipline, bike manufactures have did the research to make All Mountain bikes ten times better than they were in the past. It starts with the geometry, travel, and the best wheel sizing to meet the needs of the terrain.
The bikes are pushing close to DH head angles, 27.5/ 650b or 29er wheel sizing, add dropper seatpost to make one kick butt package of a bike coming out of your favorite bike company, so here are a few to choose from and make you drool.

The new 2015 KTM Lycan 27.5

Devinci 27.5

Corsair Bikes Atomiclab equipped race sled

Lapierre Spicy Team 27.5

Giant Reign 27.5

Santa Cruz 27.5 Bronson

KHS 7200

So here was a look at some of what is out there to come your way if your looking for a new 2015 Endudo based All Mountain bike.

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