My Giant Trance is a bad ass bike

Mountain Biking

I bought my Giant Trance back in 2017, this was my first full suspension bike that I’ve ever bought brand new. I opted for the “3” model which one could say it was the “entry model” but at 2 grand it is hardly that. The bike features a Deore drivetrain, a Rockshox suspension on both the front and the rear and 27.5″ tires. This was the first year that Giant added the trunnion mounted shock.

I have owned 29″ bikes but they always felt too tall for my 5’7″ stature so the 27.5″ was a good choice for me. And boy am I happy with this choice! Yes, 2 grand was a little out of my personal comfort zone but dammit, this bike is worth that and more.

I have 35 rides and around 300 miles on this bike, it may not sound like much but I also ride a road bike and I also own other mountain bikes but for rides other than the Fullerton Loop, this bike is my weapon of choice. The shifting is very smooth, brakes are powerful and it is very nimble.

I really like how this bike handles on every type of terrain, it climbs very well because both shocks have a lock out and it descends with a lot of confidence. The 27.5″ tires is a very good compromise for me; I don’t feel like I am riding a tall ass bike.

I usually like to upgrade parts on my bikes but the only items that I have added to this bike is a dropper seatpost and supacaz grips. I am also a Crank Brothers type of guy so I chose the Double shot pedals for this bike.

I also like the paint scheme of the bike, the yellow accents really pop without searing your pupils, also, the saddle is very comfortable which is an item that I always change on a bike.

If there is something to complain about this bike it would be the weight; the bike is about 31 lbs which is not a lightweight but I can forgive that for the amount of fun that it provides.

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