My new Evomo gear

So I ordered some new stuff from EVOMO, and I LOVE IT!

This is my new Evomo Zulu Jacket. This jacket has been perfect during the wet weather we’ve been having. I’ve even used it during a recent rainy DH session, it kept me nice and dry!

I also bought a new Magnum R hat. This hat makes me look legit.

Make sure you check out the great gear from Evomo, you’ll love it as much as I do!

Bro-Deals Are HERE!

Bro-Deal-By definition its a hook up on prices. I’ve been working on making sure we bring you bro-deals on a weekly basis and guess what. It’s finally here! I’ve got deals from Evomo, Wabi Cycles and many more. I get updated every few weeks from our vendor contacts with bro-deal prices on bicycle related stuff. So feel free to check it out.

I’m sure you’ve already seen the banner ad for it.

You could also access the bro deals by clicking on the link above.

If we hear any more bro deals out there, we’ll update the page. Happy Shopping!

Rider Down Fund Raiser BBQ/Raffle

As you have seen, the ride for the BBQ was a huge success. From what I heard from the leader of the pack, there were over 50 riders in total that showed up that morning.

Once the ride was over, it was time to have the BBQ. There were tons of food and drinks and of course, stuff to win from the raffle! We were fortunate enough to have team racer and my country cuh’, Joe Solancho taking photos of the event.

Food! David Sanderson took the first shift of cooking and then I stepped in for the cooking duties.

Wesley “GQ” Castro, on his feet. But he’s got a permanent Gangsta’ Lean from his injury.

We were fortunate enough to have tons of schwag donated by some awesome companies. The one that people REALLY wanted was the Melon Slice.

Once everyone was well fed, David started the raffle.

Big winners, Doc Thunda and Mrs. Thunda.

661 donated a bunch of helmets. Thanks Mr. Neil Adams.

By the end of the raffle, many people were super happy. In fact, my daughter was thrilled that she won the Melon Slice! Wes shared a few words of gratitude towards the sponsors, team mates as well as the mountain biking community that showed their support for him. staff and racers

We’d like to give thanks to the following companies and people who donated goods for the raffle.
Fox Racing, Ergon USA, Ice Toolz Sette USA, Melon Bicycles, Freedom Riders, Stuart of big Dwags Auto Detailing, Specialized, Peace Coffee, Moe Ramirez,The Path Bike Shop, Evomo, and Dainese USA.

Here’s all the photos from the event.

Short video.

If You’ve Got Rukus, then bring it!

Evomo Clothing (team sponsor of is in need of some help from people that aren’t sissies.

If you ain’t a sissy, and you’ve got a pocket full of rukus, then vote for them.

Here’s what they need you to do:

Everyday small business are leading our country and their local communities to a new and better way of working and thinking. Through good times and bad, their resilience and entrepreneurial spirit can serve as an inspiration to us all.

American Express, in partnership with NBC Universal, has invited small businesses that are inspiring. These are businesses that have adopted an innovative approach to surviving tough times. They believe in a customer-first mentality and give back to the community.

Three Finalists will be selected by judges and one Winner will be selected from the three Finalists through user voting.
We need everyone to Endorse Evomo to win the Small Business Award from American Express Card and NBC…

Its real easy, just follow the link to the Evomo bio, create a free user account and cast your vote to endorse Evomo.

Evomo, Tifosi & Titec $500 Prize Giveaway!

For those of you attending Sea Otter, be on the lookout for the Evomo, Tifosi & Titec $500 giveaway.

Click to make big!

The $500+ MTB Trifecta Prize Package includes:
Titec Hellbent Carbon bar 1.5
Titec Hellbent RIP prolite stem
Titec Hellbent expert saddle
Titec loc-on grip
Titec Hellbent Duke post
Tifosi Helo Sunglasses (gunmetal)
Tifosi Dolomite Sunglasses (black)
Evomo Flexfit Team Cap
Evomo Glock Team Jersey
Evomo Ranger T-shirt
Evomo Rukus International T-shirt

Titec’s Hellbent group of all-mountain control components is the perfect blend of lightweight durability.

Tifosi brings the fashionable yet functional eye wear including the Dolomite which includes interchangeable lenses for various riding conditions.

Evomo rounds out the Trifecta Prize Pack with the infamous Official Evomo Team Jersey, Team Cap and Evomo brand t-shirts so you can continue to bring some rukus when you’re not on the bike.

To enter the drawing, stop by the Evomo Rider Lounge, Titec or Tifosi booths during the 4 day Sea Otter event to and enter your name to win. No purchase is necessary. One winner will be selected at random.

By the way, if you’re at Sea Otter, you HAVE to stop by the Evomo Rider Lounge. Last year, the place was rocking. This year the Evomo guys are one upping themselves. Their booth will include music, foosball and of course a comfortable place to sit and store your bike.

Where else could you find stylin white couches at SO?

For more info, click here.

Evomo T-shirt Design Contest 2009

Evomo, which has some of the best mountain biking clothing available, is having a T-Shirt Design Contest. There are $500 in cash and prizes up for grabs!

Click here for the info.

Entry Deadline is March 22 11:59 PM PST. Evomo staff will view all submissions and select 3 finalists. These 3 entrys will be voted on by the general public, your peers, and anyone who visits between March 23 – March 29, 2009. At the end of that period the design with the most votes will be declared the winner.

Priscilla’s Race Ride Report: MT SAC

To say that I was anxious about this race is an understatement. This past month since the Bonelli race has been spent trying to get over soar throats and runny noses. I have been sick for four weeks now which has left me with very little riding time and training. Lucky for me I paid for this race a month ago so as much as I wanted to back out of the race I just couldn’t stand the thought of throwing away 35 bucks!

When I woke up that Sunday morning to rain clouds and sore legs I wasn’t feeling too good about the race. Sore legs you ask? Yeah, sore legs. In an attempt to avoid burning out my legs the day before on the pre-ride, I opted to hike a bike up a few hills. Well, in an attempt to “save” my legs I made it worse because I used different muscles to hike up those hills. My legs were hurting that morning.

Anyways, we headed out early that Sunday morning because we wanted to make sure we were there to encourage Joe and Eric since they had an earlier start then the rest of us. It sure does make a difference to hear the encouragement out there during the race so we wanted to make sure the boys got some much deserved team love out there. And I was glad we were able to get there and set up. It gave me a chance to relax with the children and help with pictures.

I was also relieved when Kim shared some of her anti-lactic acid build up pills with me. Not sure what they were called but I am buying a case of them! They really helped with my legs. I also popped a couple of FRS chews. These were great. No nausea and I felt like I was able to keep up my energy during the whole race.

At some point that morning I surrendered to just having a good time out there. I didn’t feel too confident about making podium becuase of my cold but I really just wanted to have fun. I decided I would just pace myself and ride my ride.

And enjoy the ride I did! The race had a good number of participants. About 6 women in my category (34 and Under) and 7 in Kim’s category (35 and Up), amongst 100 other men. I felt like I had a strong start, the only drawback is probably our positioning in the crowd. I think starting with the head of the pack would have given us more of an advantage. There was a single track portion of the ride early in the race where everyone just bottlenecks and comes to a dead stop. So for those of us who got a later start it really cost us some time. There was a great climb though soon after that was able to give a few of us the opportunity to make up time up the hill. It was shortly after this climb that I was able to catch up the the 2nd place rider in my category and haul butt to get past her.

I really enjoyed this race. I had a good energy and a good vibe for most of the race. It was super encouraging to see the mtnbikerider crew spread out throughout the course. Sometimes I spotted Joe or Jon out there snappin away with their cameras and offering words of encouragement. RL really went out of his way to make sure we were takin care of too. He even tumbled up a hill for me to make sure I got my sugar blocks. 🙂

Kim gettin some team support from RL

I really felt like this was one of my strongest races. It felt great to catch up to one guy right after the other and pass him! Hehehe. I of course offered my words of encouragement as I rode on by. 🙂 I made sure to take advantage of every portion of the trail that I could hammer it and every opportunity to rest on the fun downhills. I was hootin and hollering all the way down the hillsides! I had such a great time out there and it really seemed to go by faster then I had expected. I also want to mention a couple of us were able to throw on our new Ergon grips! Love these. If you haven’t tried these out yet – DO IT! I don’t know how I ever got by without them! I also rode with my new
pack. Great stuff.

At the last hill I actually caught up with Nehr who was nursing some bad cramps. I offered some more words of encouragement after I pulled some souvenirs out of my derailleur hanger and rode on down the hillside as fast as I could to land me a 2nd place win.

Comin in for the finish!

I was really proud of the team. Kim put some hurt on those girls with holding strong during the race. And the boys did an awesome job. Eric and Joe – those guys are animals! I don’t know how they rode 3 laps!! Crazy!!! And so proud of Moe, Nehr and Val for finishing the race! Way to go guys. I think Nehr has a promising future as a racer!

The girlz rocked it!

It was just a lot of fun hanging with the crew and the kiddos too. Good eats, good ride, good “refreshments” (thanks Eric!), and good friends! Now on to Fontucky!!! Woo hoo!

And a special thanks again to KHS (for my frame), ERGON, EVOMO, HOSS, and BikeCommuters of course!