Whoa! It’s like a bag of Skittles on wheels!

I was playing around with the idea of changing things up with Burt Reynolds…again. Here’s some ideas…

My favorite color!
pink burt

Green mAcHiNe!
green burt

Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?!
orange burt

Vanilla Gorilla.
white burt

The Purple Nurple.
purple burt

If I go with either one of these colors, I’m not sure if I could continue calling Burt, Burt Reynolds…

Burt Reynolds gets soft.

Hey! Don’t think this soft thing means that Burt is a wuss, NO! It just means he got a new-2-him fork! Scheck it out kids, this is my latest acquisition for Burt Reynolds, it’s a Rockshox Reba RL (that part is my favorite, you know, that fact that it says my name, RL).

So take a look at this. My steel Redline Rigid Fork weighs around 2.5lbs. Which is awesome compared to the stock/OEM fork that weighed over 7lbs!
Redline d600
Now look at the Rockshox Reba RL, it weighs a tad bit over 3.0lbs! I was pretty surprised on how light it was.
Redline d600
Here’s Burt with his new fork looking all fancy and stuff with his matching white bits.
rockshox reba rl

Looks sharp don’t it? Rides pretty nice too. It sure will be fun to see how it will do on the trails.
Redline d600

Wow, I’m loving how Burt Reynolds is turning out. He looks pretty good!
Redline burt reynolds

Burt Reynolds Get’s a Facelift?

As you all know, Burt Reynolds is one handsome bike. For those of you just tuning in, that’s this bike right here.
burt reynolds
Yup he’s a handsome devil. But then I got to thinking…”Wouldn’t it be fun to mix things up again with Burt?” If you recall, Burt started off as 24speed entry level 29er. Then it went through a transformation that you see above as a single speed 29er with a rigid fork. I actually spent some clams on the drive train, fork and all sorts of small parts just to get it to become Burt ReynoldsS…yes two S’s for Single Speed.

But it got me thinking. I really love how the Airborne Goblin works, heck in my review I noted how much faster I was with the darn thing. But the fun has to come to an end because the Goblin is on it’s last few days with me. You see, he’s a demo bike and the kind folks of Airborne were sweet enough to let me use him to do some XC racing before I hand him back. With the thought if seeing the Goblin go, I was pretty sad. I then started thinking of ways on how I can continue to ride a 29er.

This is where Burt Reynolds comes in. He might just be my next project bike…again. So I was thinking that if I take LadyP’s old bike, a KHS XC604 with X0, 27speed drive train and strip it, I could use those parts on Burt, right? Ya why not. Though it’s not a fancy 2×10 drive train, I’m sure I’ll manage with it’s X0 level parts. Plus it has Avid Juicy brakes, an upgrade from Burt’s mechnical Tektro’s. The only thing that is a bit of a bummer would be the fork. Burt like its hard, therefore he rocks a rigid fork.

Well there you have it. So many ideas floating in my head about bikes, Burt, 29ers and all that jazz. I’m still not 100% certain that I want Burt to become a 29er with a 27speed drive train. But if he does convert, it might be an interesting ride…

The latest Project: Burt Reynolds SS

The reason why I came up with the name Burt Reynolds is simply this…the Redline D600 color scheme totally reminded me of the Trans Am in the movie Smokey and the Bandit.

Ya I know we just announced a new tandem bike project on the site, but this one is something I needed to get done to start training for the upcoming Winter Series XC Races.

Here’s what I mean by color scheme. Gold and Black! Here you see the Redline D600 converted to a Single Speed that I’ve dubbed as Burt Reynolds.
redline d600></a></p>
<p>I picked up this matching Redline Monocog fork that was used only once by the previous owner. The OEM fork weighed 6lbs! The rigid fork only weighs 3lbs.<br />
<img src=

Upgraded the cock pit to a Shimano PRO carbon bar and a new Sunline 50mm stem for my short arms.
redline d600 single speed

I used the existing 8 speed chain to save on money. No need to spend more when I can use the stock parts.
redline d600

Installed a Surly 21t cog and it’s working great with the new 32t chain ring up front.
Redline Single speed

If you didn’t know, I love pink. But I think I may look for gold grips and possibly a gold chain…you know make it more like Bandit.
redline 29er

Originally the Redline D600 weighed over 33lbs. But after swapping out the fork(the heaviest part of the bike), cock pit and stripping off all the shifters derailleurs and cranks. I got this baby down to 26lbs (with pedals). I still need a few things like chain ring bolts which should be here by Tuesday and probably a new tensioner. I just don’t like how the one I have is working. Besides, I’m missing a bolt on it.
26lbs single speed

Ya I know that there are full suspension 29ers that weigh this much, but for what I paid in parts to do this conversion, $40, I think I can live with a 26lbs single speed 29er…