Final Review: Road Rash Repair Kit

I posted my first impressions recently on this Road Rash Repair Kit.

If you don’t remember what it looked like initially let me refresh your memory:

1st day with my boo boo. 🙁

Day 4 of healing

And here is the final update! Here are my updated pictures. Drum roll please……..

Day 7 of healing. Ta Dahhh!!!! Isn’t she a beauty!

Very nice.

It looks even better today. Unfortunately I had another fall out at Aliso Woods last saturday on this same arm and even though I was wearing protective gear the fall reopened my boo boo just enough to make it ugly again. Aye. Not as ugly as that first picture but I am still bummed about it.

I was really impressed with the moist wound healing. The pictures speak for itself. The kit had more then enough gauze pads and I even like the soap that was included. The soap didn’t burn or irritate the wound at all. And the size of the pads were perfect.

My only issue was I think the kit could have used an extra hydrocolloid dressing. Especially for the price ($34.95). My dressing started getting funky at about day 3 but I think they are supposed to last a little longer.

Overall, this was a great kit. Sure the price is a little much, but for those of us that like everything packaged up nicely this is great. This kit has made a believer out of me!!! In my opinion my wound would not have healed as quickly without these hydrocolloid pads. And let me tell you these pads are not easy to find on their own. I visited a couple of local pharmacies and drug stores and couldn’t find any of these hydrocolloid dressings on their own. I think the internet is you best bet for these. Check out their site for more information.

MtnBikeRiders team at Bonelli XC race!

Some of the staff of and friends tore it up yesterday at the 1st of the Team Big Bear races for 08. Jeremy rocked it on the big wheels and placed 3rd in his division! I also took home a shiny new medal for 3rd place in my division – with a flat tire at the end and some nasty road rash from a bad crash! Not too shabby. =D We’ll do race reports later, but in the mean time enjoy the ride with RL’s video coverage!