Sidi Dominator 2 – Mountain biking shoes the keep on going…

Just about a decade ago I was in need of new mountain biking shoes. Several years into the sport and I was in need of new shoes. Well not really, what I had was a nice pair of mountain biking shoes however they weren’t as comfortable as it was touted to be. Key to any shoes is comfort, and I can’t stress that enough. Coincidently I had a friend who was working for the now defunct SuperGo. This motivated me to start looking into a new pair. After consulting with several resources in addition to my own research, I chose the Sidi Dominator 2. Sidi has a very good reputation in the cycling industry as one of the leading brands.
How my Dominator 2s looked when I first bought them

The price was a bit above my budget, but the comfort after slipping my feet in them were priceless! The Dominator 2 are made from long lasting Lorica. Lorica is a soft, supple Microfiber synthetic leather. It’s a water-repellent, quick drying, and breathable. It resists tearing, splitting, scratching and atmospheric agents as well as deterioration from stretching or rot. Great thing about Lorica is they didn’t shrink like leather after getting them wet as I traversed through water.
Lorica in red

I can honestly say that I have worn these shoes through thousands of miles and various conditions, including inclement weather. Through the many hike-a-bikes, the soles have remained intact. As you can see from some of the pictures they still have a lot of wear left in them. Faded and ragged, they continue to serve me as well as they did 10 yrs ago.
10 years later, still plenty of sole left

The Dominator 2 are secured by a ratchet type buckle (main) and two velcro straps on the middle and toe area. Since owning this red pair, I haven’t had any issues with any of the closures. Only now, in 2010, ten years later when I encountered my first issue with the Dominator 2. The securing loop for the strap broke/ripped. For awhile I rode without the ratcheting strap however it quickly became loose.
Climbing Mustard without the main strap.

I often I kept the strap secured within the buckle and tucked in the loop but after so many rides it finally gave out.

I resorted to stapling it to the piece to keep it in place.
notice the staples to keep the strap secure

The Sidis are serviceable. The buckles are replaceable and so are the soles (sold separately). The shoes are very easy to get into. Most of all, they are comfortable! Walking on cycling shoes is not ideal, but wearing the Dominator 2, comfort is noticeable. I’ve encountered my share of flat tires where I had to walk several miles back to the car. Compared to the other brands that I have owned and tried, hands-down the Dominator 2 are at the top of the list.

Now I’ve got a new pair of Sidi Dominator 5, black, to replace my ever so reliable 2s. While I will continue to wear my old red pair, I’m looking forward to the next decade with the new Dominator 5. Below are the specs for the Dominator 5.
Untitled-1 copy
Stay tuned for a follow up review of the Dominator 5 as I take it through its paces. For more information go to

Crocs Yukon Review

It has been over 5 1/2 months since I’ve received the Crocs Yukon To say that I’ve worn “tested” these is an understatement. I’ve practically worn the Crocs Yukon almost every day of those 5 1/2 months and I have to tell you, I still love them!

When I first got the Crocs, not everyone I showed them to loved them as much as I did. I had about 50% that thought they were fugly and the other 50% thought they were pretty cool.
worn crocs

Just in case you need them, here’s the specs:

• leather upper and neutral color combinations add rugged sophistication to this traditionally comfy clog
• ventilation ports increase breathability and filter water and debris away from the footbed
• loose fit allows foot to bend and expand naturally, reducing fatigue
• slip resistant and non-marking soles
• made with croslite™ material
MSRP $49.99

You’re probably wondering why are a pair of Crocs being reviewed on a mountain biking website. It’s simple, sometimes we don’t like to drive to the trail head in our riding shoes. So you put on a pair of Crocs before and after a ride.

But what I’ve done with the Crocs is beyond what I originally use for. I basically used the Crocs for just about anything I needed to do that involved shoes. I rode my bikes with them, worked on the car, went out to eat, go to the office, the beach, took them into the ocean…you name it I did it with the Crocs.

Due to all the wear and tear I’ve put on the Crocs, now the soles look like this.

They have been put to good use and still have plenty of life in them. But the most important question people ask me is, “are they comfortable?” I answer it by saying this, “Heck yah, best shoes I’ve ever worn, I think everyone should get Crocs!” I’m serious…

People may think I’m being sarcastic, but they ARE the best shoes I’ve ever worn. They slip on easily and thanks to the straps, they don’t slide off when you are wearing them. Another concern people have would be the quality of the shoes. They looks so “plasticy” is one said to me. I explained to her that I’ve never had problems with the Croslite material, straps, buckles, velcro, leather or any other part of the shoes to fail on me. These are built really well and should last you a long time.

So all in all, I’m very happy with the Crocs, I think more people should get them and you can even select which colors you want! Personally I think I’m going to get a pair of black Crocs soon!

For more information on CROCS, visit their website HERE.