Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?

If you may have guessed it, yes the theme to today’s article is ORANGE. Why? Because Orange rocks and its not a common color so it’s even cooler because not too many people like it. Oh and check this out, this is my Orange Tuxedo Jersey. Yep, I know you’re jealous.
orange tuxedo

This weekend I had the privileged in riding the Redline D600 on a longer ride at Whiting Ranch in SoCal.

I was fortunate enough to be joined by my favorite person in the world, Lady P.

Whiting has a nasty climb called Mustard and I have to tell you, it sucks! At a certain point there was a hiker in which he and I were chit chatting on the way up. He was walking backwards as I was laboring with each pedal stroke. Kinda made me wonder if I should have just dismounted and joined him.

Truth be told, getting used to the the 29er took some time. I wasn’t used to the bigger wheels and eventually I learned the characteristics of the bike in which I started to enjoy myself a bit more. A couple of changes I’d make to the Redline D600 would be out of personal preference, and those would be the cock pit (hehe I said cock…hehe). Since I have short arms, I’d go with a 40-50mm stem coupled with wider bars. Oh and I’d also wrap the chain stay with an old tube, velcro or a chain stay protector to keep the chain slap sound down.
But for the rest of my observations about the bike, you’ll have to wait for the review in a few weeks!

The Tuxedo Tactical Team

At the last Shimano Winter Series Downhill Race, the team decided to bust out their Sunday Best, Tuxedos!

Art, Corey, Bryan, RL and Neal.

Yours truly.

Neal Bryant

Bryan Doney

Art “Always Sexy” Aguilar

Corey Pond

Funny how different cameras pick up a different shade of pink on the jerseys…One of the best things about the Tuxedo jersey, we get a TON of compliments before, during and our race runs. So much so that I’ve even received orders from people at the race! The jersey definitely stands out and it has been a great marketing tool for

Goat Dodging Master Pimp from Greece

Meet Emanuel, he wrote to me a while back to see if I’d be willing to ship out a Blue Tuxedo Jersey to Greece because he really wanted one super bad. After thinking about it, I figured this would be good for to have some representation in another country. So I shipped it out to him and sure enough he was kind enough to send me this photo.

This is one of the local trails that he rides somewhere out in Greece. Apparently dodging goats while looking like a pimp is the way to do it.
Thanks Emanuel!

1st batch of Pink Tuxedos are in.

Big thanks to the folks who placed an order earlier last month, if you were part of the first batch of tuxedos, you would have received an email stating your jersey is ready. For those who are still on the fence about getting one, here are some convincing photos that you NEED to get a Pink Tuxedo!

Pictured is The Moe and yours truly. When you wear a tuxedo, you have to drink things with your pinky out…
This is the proper way to pose with your pink tux, you gotta make it look like you’re adjusting your bow tie.
Pink tuxedo jerseys are perfect attire for work, mountain biking, weddings and for chillaxin’.

Best in Show

If you folks recall, my favorite Iowan is Justin Betz. I received an email from him not too long ago talking about how the blue tuxedo jersey gave him super powers during a race and even won the fashion show.-RL Policar

Hey, I was just gonna let you know.  A while back I asked for you opinion on Airborne bikes, well, I went ahead and got a Zeppelin.  It ROCKS!  I found a local park where the local mtb riders association set up some trails.  Nothing too tricky, a lot of small ups and downs and a lot of roots and log-overs.  They also setup some skinnies, bridges, and jumps that make for a pretty darn fun little park! 
blue tuxedo

I found out last Thursday, that they were putting on their first ever time trials at the park this weekend!  I thought “what the heck” and decided to go for it.  So I convinced a friend of mine to join me and yesterday morning we both did our first ever race!  It was a BLAST!  I won’t mention how I did (less than awesome), but I did it! 
blue tuxedo
I spilled once (was too tired to jump all the way over a log), but one of the other guys who was near me on the trail said he could hear me laughing as I tumbled into the weeds! 
blue tuxedo
So it was a great time!  Now I have a better idea of what to expect, and I can actually do some training so I’m not so wiped out 1/2 way through the course!  Oh, the best part of the day, was during the awards ceremony, when I got the honorary  “Best Jersey” award for rockin’ the tux!  I made sure to let them know if they wanted one of their own they should check a lot!

Big thanks to JB for representin’ out in Iowa!

Little things that make mountain biking more fun

There’s a couple of things that everyone can do to make their bike rides just a bit more personal and fun. One thing I could suggest that Priscilla and I usually is to have Crazy Sock Day. Yup its as crazy as it sounds. This is where we get Four Loko Crazy and wear…CRAZY socks!

Another fun thing to do, and its probably the most obvious is to wear a great looking jersey. Some people go as far as making sure they match everything about their bike, even their tires. But like I said, that’s a fun thing to do.

So when I found out that the Tuxedo jerseys were done, I was excited to show them off. Lucky for me one of our friends Dustin had ordered one and by chance he was riding the Fullerton Loop the same day as we were. By the way I was super pleased to see the craftsmanship and quality that went into these. Just to let you all know, the Tuxedo jerseys are designed and hand-made right here in the good ol’ US of A, Southern California to be exact. So don’t be surprised if you start chanting USA USA USA. Cuz’ that’s what I do when I use/wear things that are made in America.

But I digress, since I was already wearing the blue tux, Dustin wore the orange. Check us out, we’re looking pretty distinguished.

Then after our ride, we headed over to a fine dining restaurant where they served our beverages in paper cups and straws.

Believe it or not, the Tuxedo Jerseys gets a TON of compliments and heckles. The encouragement comes from people who can appreciate a great looking jersey and the harassment typically come from douche bags.

One last thing that I’ve done to make riding more fun is to get a different helmet. I actually own 7 helmets, all ranging from skater to full face. What can I say, I like to match my helmet with my outfits. So when I got the latest helmet from my buddy Officer Ben who works for a very large Police Dept, I was STOKED! OMG! Ever since I was a young lad in the 80’s, and the hit TV show CHiPs came out, I’ve always wanted a Police helmet. Turns out Officer Ben’s dept has a quarterly sale on retired police equipment, and when the opportunity came, he got me one! Thanks again Officer Ben!


So what about you? What kind of things do you do to make your rides a bit more personal and fun?

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