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Crazy Epic Trip…

Posted by RL Policar On June - 3 - 2010

I was having an email conversation with my German biking buddy, Thomas Paatz of Thomas runs the German version of MTBR and its uber huge there. Apparently one of his readers is riding this crazy trip from Mexico Canada. This epic ride has been dubbed as the “RockymountiX.”

Here’s how Thomas described the trip….

…he already did such trips all over Europe – the special thing is that
he is live posting all the time during his journey . On his trips in
Europe we also managed to have live-dots posted all 5 minutes on a
google map on the top of the thread, so we knew where he was at that

He is travelling with very light gear (just a sleeping bag / tarp /
food & drink) plus a tiny windows ce pocket computer and cellphone for
web access (photo: ).
He tries to ride all the best trails on his way, due to immigration
regulations he has to have reached Canada 90 days after entering in

Look at these links and you get the idea:
Leaving Arizona. reaching Utah
Thunder Mountain Trail
Snow in Bryce Village

The trip is not planned in detail – that is his overall plan:

He is asking the readers for advice where to go next, so it is a
interactive journey :)
all pictures until now:
he reached Moab in the meantime. epic photos from there

Stuntzi’s (thats his nickname) trip wasn’t covered by US blogs until
now afaik – over here it is getting very much attention – the last
thread from his journey from the island of crete in greece to lake
garda in Italy was read 1.3 million times

Pretty crazy if you ask me…and he’s trying to do all this in 90 days!!!

Thanks to Mountain Biking, I can now fit into my Skinny Jeans!

Posted by RL Policar On June - 2 - 2010

One great thing about mountain biking is that it gets your legs nice and tone. Nothing says sexy than a good looking set of calves, quads and of course, the buttocks!


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