“High-End Bicycle Like No Other”

We had a chance to hold this Arantix frame at Interbike. Incredibly light and strong! I think RL even stood on the frame to give it the mtnbikeriders stamp of approval. lol. They will only be producing 200 of these bikes worldwide in 2008 and it takes approx 300 hours to build one of these bad boys!

Check out the story on this 12k bike from the Salt Lake Tribune:

‘High-end’ bicycle like no other
$11,995 buys you the hand-woven Arantix

It isn’t just the $11,995 price that makes this mountain bike remarkable.
The Arantix, developed by Delta 7 Sports in Payson through a technology-transfer license with Brigham Young University, looks like it was spun by a spider on steroids and attracts long looks wherever it goes.
“It’s surprising that it rides as well as it looks. You wouldn’t think it could stand up to a [grueling] mountain bike ride. But once you get on it, all your doubts are washed away,” said Dan Weller, an expert racer who pedaled Arantix in Bountiful’s Mueller Park two months ago.
The unusual bike is believed to be the world’s first frame made from carbon fibers and Kevlar strings hand-woven into see-through lattice tubes that are billed as being lighter and stronger than any other bike on the market, said Lester Muranaka, Delta 7’s director of marketing and sales.
“As far as comparisons to other bikes, it’s going to be on the high end. I don’t believe there is a more expensive bike out there,” Muranaka said.
The frame tips the scales at 2.75 pounds, putting it into an elite class of bikes with featherweight frames. But there’s a difference. Frames under 3 pounds are typically pedaled by riders whose weight can be no more than about 150 pounds……


SLIDER The UnScooter Review


Product Tested:
Slider The UnScooter

MSRP: $129.99 + Shipping & Handling

6-inch polyurethane wheels
Dual handle brakes
Sturdy steel construction
Action-Decks with drive-spring propulsion
Hand grip height 32?
250lbs weight limitation
Colors available: Black, Red, Blue, or Pink

Advertised as:

Patented Action-Deck™ Propulsion
Designed to propel you forward without your feet touching the ground.
3-Wheel Steering
Pivoting polyurethane wheels provide the most maneuverability, yet is more stable than 2-wheel scooters.
Dual Handle Brakes
Sturdy Steel Construction

Top View

During Interbike 07 we got a chance to chit chat with the cool people from Slider. They gave us a demo of how their product worked and even gave us the opportunity to test it out for them.

Drive Springs

The Slider is definitely one interesting piece of machinery. There are several things you could do propel yourself without having to touch the ground. I found a scissors action with my legs to be the easiest way to make it go. Simply push both your feet out then retract. It’s drive springs and pivoting wheels seen above would do the rest.


The Slider’s action deck combined with the back wheels ability to pivot 45 degrees gives you stability and awesome maneuverability. It’s stable enough that I could turn 180 degrees when riding at full speed. You just have to lean into the turn and counter steer the front wheel.

45 degrees

Strengths: Such a super fun ride! It only takes a few minutes of riding before you‘re thinking of tricks to do. It’s affordable. MSRP for this particular model is $129.99. Trikke one it’s competitor is asking $369.99 for a similar item.

Break down

Weakness: During the test period, a weld on the right action deck broke causing it’s rear wheels to be uneven. I noticed it after my brother RL and I were riding it around his neighborhood. I spoke with George Tarrab one of the Slider’s representatives about the problem. He told me that it might have just been a fluke on this particular Slider. He then assured me that their 6 month warranty would cover any type of problems a customer would have with their Slider.

Broken weld

“We will of course warranty the unit by providing new rear caster assemblies with upgraded bearings, but will also include a new set of wheels to freshen the unit up for the customer’s trouble…? said Mr. Tarrab. It’s good to hear a representative of a company stand behind their product.

uneven tires

Summary: The Slider is definitely a fun ride! Everyone who jumps on this bad boy instantly falls in love with it. It only takes a few minutes to get used to before you’re out there riding it like a pro. This is a must have piece of equipment. I actually plan on ordering one of the smaller models for my daughter.

For more info check out the SLIDER the UnScooter site.

I looovveee BETTY BOOP!!

I am a HUGE Betty Boop fan! I love watching her cartoons! She cracks me up! Betty Boop is a girl after my own heart. She is fun, and cute, and adventurous. So while I was at Interbike I ran into a company named Champion System. They make quality, customized, and affordable apparel. And low and behold they have the most adorable Betty Boop jerseys!!! So Scott from Champion Systems said he was just going to have to send a few my way for reviews. I graciously accepted – no need to twist my arm! Ha! You rock Scott! ;D

Below is the first of the three they sent me. You’ll just have to check in throughout the week to see the other two! I think I am going to wear this one for my Birthday ride tomorrow!!! 😀

Tell me this isn’t the cutest jersey you have ever seen??!?!? 😀 Stay tuned to see the rest of the goodies!

Footbike, Just Kick it!

A few weeks ago, Randy posted an article on BikeCommuters.com featuring Footbike. We had met them at Interbike and found this thing to be pretty interesting.

So I contacted Footbike, located in Vegas to see about getting some samples to review for the sites. Keep in mind that most companies that we deal with will happily ship out an item via UPS or FedEx. But not FootBike. Moses, the big cheese of the company DROVE from Vegas to Orange County…DROVE…He must have left his house around 5-6am just to make it here in Fullerton for our meeting.

We met up at the Fullerton Loop trail head, basically this is the North OC Superior Court parking lot. As Moses was setting up the Footbikes, two guys that had just finished the Loop walked up to us and was pretty curious and started asking questions about the Footbike. I was riding one around and offered them to try it. At first they were hesitant, but after a few minutes, they were hooked.

After the two gentlemen said their good byes, Moses and I headed up the trail just to see how this thing really worked. I got on the off-road model and Moses on his racing Footbike.

This bad boy has Avid BB5 disc brakes in the front, and Avid V-brakes in the back. It also had an RST fork to soak up the bumps.

As Moses and I pushed/ran and kicked our way up the trail, he was telling me that riding the Footbike for 1/2 an hour is like riding your road bike for 1 1/2 hours…and I believed him! Oh man, riding this thing was super intense. In the 30minutes that we kicked it, I was hurting. My lungs were on fire, my legs were shaking…

The Footbike is definitely fun. It gives a whole new feel for riding on dirt. I’m looking forward to reviewing this bad boy. So stick around as we keep you all posted on the progress.

Interbike 2007: Zoic

Ha! And you thought we were all done talking about Interbike, huh? We’ve got more! We promised we would make up the lost days to you. So here you go! Zoic is another great company I ran into an Interbike. Pretty amazing and unique actually. Check this out: Zoic offers fabrics in their collections that are made of recycled bamboo/polyester for their tops, they offer 100% organic tees, and they even have recycled bamboo/cotton for their bottoms!!!
How cool is that?!? The bamboo in their fabrics offers a natural UV protectant.

Again, my amateur photos do this clothing no justice!

Their lines include some really clean cuts and soft fabrics.

They even have a line for young boys! Extra padding in the arms and knees included!

They have a great variety for both commuting and mountain biking.This skirt attaches to a removable liner. Very nice!

Really loving the eco friendly clothing. And this quote sums it up “Through choosing and wearing Zoic, we hope to inspire consumers to get more out of the environment while taking less from it.”

Love that! Stay tuned for reviews of Zoic apparel. Looking forward to putting some wear into their clothing on the streets and the dirt!!! 🙂

RL is Super Rad!

Check out what I got while I was Interbike 2007.
KHS Melissa Buhl

It’s an autographed KHS Bicycles Catalog with Melissa Buhl on the cover. She said I’m Super Rad, so that means its true!

Interbike 2007: Gimme LOEKA!!!

I stopped by the Loeka booth at Interbike and was pleasantly surprised by the warm welcomes and friendly faces! Super sweet over there! I am a big Loeka fan after reviewing a couple of thier pieces a few months back. And they are super excited about their new gear for 08!!! I got a few shots of of some of their new stuff. Enjoy!!!

New: Half sleeve jerseys! Yea! Because it gets warm out there! 🙂

Some cool new colors:

And for you rockin downhill girls!!! Downhill gear!!!
Here’s a pair of their downhill shorts:
The new tech jacket…made to comfortably fit over your gear and helmet.

I am really diggin the plaid this year. 😀


We have lots more pics in our Flickr account for you to see in the Interbike file. And will they have stuff for guys you ask???? Nope! So sorry guys…I know your jealous! You’re just going to have to settle for dressin up your special lady in their gear. 🙂 Loeka has their new line up on their website – www.LOEKA.com. And if you hurry up they are having a 30% off sale on their 2007 line to make room for the new stuff!!!

Slider The UnScooter

The guys from the UnScooter were at Interbike and hooked us up with one of their Sliders to test out.


I’ve been riding the Slider around the neighborhood since I got back from Vegas. And every time I do, someone always asks if they could try riding it. It only takes a couple of minutes for someone to get used to the pivoting action the Slider gives you.

4 year old kid

Pictured above is a shot taken at Interbike of a 4 year old kid who jumped on a Slider and only took a minute to get going pretty well.

Stay tuned for a further detailed review.

First Impressions: Skirtsports

I mentioned earlier that Skirtsports sent me home with a skirt and jersey to review. I got the chance to break out the outfit on wednesday night with the girls. I got nothing but compliments from the girls on this outfit. Here are a couple of informal pictures:

Below is the Pink Crush Sleeveless Jersey and the Compression Fit BikeGirl Skirt.

Here’s a closer look:

Check out the reflective material on the zipper!

Initially nobody can deny that this is some cute stuff! Loved the colors, loved the materials and the detail put into these pieces. The fit is very flattering for all body types. I have to say I was really excited to ride in this set. The skirt and top were incredibly comfortable amd soft on the skin. The skirt also includes a mesh short with a pink chamois – nice touch!

You’ll have to check in later for my formal review. I don’t want to give away too much too soon but it will be good. I know my main concern was where does the skirt go when I am riding? Will it fly up? Will it get caught on my seat? And as cute as these clothes are, can they really hold up on the trails? Well, you’ll just have to stay tuned for the formal review in a few weeks as I put these babies to the test! 😀 Here I come dirt!!!!!

Interbike 2007: Tom Ritchey

This dude was uber cool. Not only was he one of the founding fathers of mountain biking, but he was or is involved with Project Rwanda. Oh and he’s my new man crush, so step aside Gary Fisher!

I caught up with Tom, yeah I call him Tom cuz we’re on first name basis…we chit chatted for a bit.

Here’s an actual Project Rwanda bike.