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MtnBikeRiders.com is a mountain biking website that provides news, articles, how to’s, product reviews and anything else related to the sport of mountain biking. The site was founded by two avid mountain bikers, out of Southern California. MtnBikeRiders.com has been in business since late 2006, but its official grand opening was in the Winter of 2007. We also own and operate our sister-site BikeCommuters.com.

Through out the years of blogging, the site has produced over 3000 articles (and growing). We’ve created a content rich website that allow readers to learn more about the sport, how to fix their bikes, how to be a better rider and overall have a great time on the trails. MtnBikeRiders.com is owned and operated by RL Policar. 

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  1. Hey Guys and Gals!! First off Awesome website!!! I have enjoyed going thru all reviews, articles and blogs.. Now I am an aboved average heavy guy who has lost 45 pounds in the last year on the treadmill(walking and mildly jogging) and now want to move into mountain biking! I have a “06 Marin Bobcat Trail Hardtail what beginner trails r there with not too much of a climb? I live two blocks from the southridge trail and was told it was too technical for a newbie…help! thanks

  2. Hi Marco,

    Congrats on the weight weight loss. Where do you live? Perhaps you can join us on our future group rides.

    If you’re talking about Southridge in Fontana, yes that’s a tougher course. A great starter trail would be Fullerton Loop.


  3. Thanks RL,
    Yup I live in Fontana (Southridge)..I am currently building endurance at the gym on the bikes there as soon as i feel comfortable I will join u guys at the F. loop.. Cuz I need some company as I work my way to lose another 40lbs…

    How often r u guys there?

  4. Hey guys, I really dig the site & info. I was wondering if you had a detailed map of the Fullerton loop? I have an 07 Rocky Mountain Vertex 10 Hardtail, I ride it about 30 miles a week, but suprised to say it hasnt seen any dirt yet… I think its way past due, I ride with 3 friends and I told them about the famous loop, to them seeing is believing, hope you can help out. Thanks again.

  5. Hey guys nice website!!! I live in La Habra city and is just minutes from the fullerton loop witch Me and my 2 biking budies go 2 to 3 times a week and once a month in TurnBull canyon. I’m interested in riding one of this days with you guys and need I little more info about the races U guys go in Fontana an San dimas.

    Thanks…. And keep riding.

  6. Im interested in joining your team, just curious whats needed to join and how I go about meeting you all..
    thanks phill

  7. We have tried to adjust the Shimano Derailleur. When we make the adjustment, it adjuts all of them but 1 and it won’t go into gear for 1. If we adjust it go to into 1, we have to adjust it tighter which causes the others to skip gears. We have tried several times but don’t seem to have luck when we make the adjustment – Any help would be appreciated. We are turning the barrell adjustment to try and get it to work in all gears as your video shows.

  8. We are trying to adjust so that the bike will work in all the gears by turning the barrell adjuster. It will work in all gears except for gear 1. When we try and make the adjustment for gear 1, it skips some of the other gears. Any help would be appreciated

  9. Check the limit screws, too…if the screws are in too far, the derailleur can’t move enough to get the chain onto “gear 1”, no matter how much you turn the barrel adjuster.

  10. Hey guys I’m a new comer, I would like to know what would be a good starter bike to get. I would like a good affordable bike to start of with and work my way up. If you have any other advice to give me I would apreciate it, this is a hobby I’m looking forward to be a part of. Thanks.

  11. Hi Ramon,
    Do you picture yourself wanting to ride aggressively or on challenging terrain?

    Do you intend to really dive into this hobby [ride once a week or more]?

    After three to six months you’ll have a good endurance base and the skills to ride a lot of trails. How long would you like those rides to be? One hour? Long four hour to six hour epics?

    If you answer yes to either of the first two, or intend to ride 2+ hours off-road – then I recommend you go for a full suspension bike. It’s a hard bullet to bite, spending a grand + on a bike, but if you buy a quality bike in the first place, it’ll last longer and come better equipped to handle the demands you’ll place as you become a better rider.

    I think it’s time we covered the beginner bike question with a dedicated article, thanks for the question, and hopefully we’ll have that article up for ya soon.

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