Obtainium Performance Products – Ti Spring

I met Obtanium Performance Products earlier this year at the Sea Otter Classic.  Since then I have been in contact with them.  Based out of Bellevue, WA, Obtanium has developed an aerospace grade titanium spring.   They have long been making springs for the aerospace industry and has now have moved into the bike industry.

They offer springs for a variety of shocks brands such as Fox DHX, Marzocchi, Cane Creek, just to name a few.  They use a standard sized spring so it is compatible with most shocks in the market.  You may need a Performance Adapter (available through Obtainium) for a proper fit. 

Description from their website:

Since the Obtainium Ti spring has a 1.5 inch (38.1mm) inner diameter (I.D) the Performance Adapter will allow the spring to fit a smaller I.D. For example the Fox or Marzocchi shock has a 1.370 inch I.D. By using the Performance Adapter our 1.5 inch I.D. will fit properly without unwanted movement. Also since titanium springs use fewer coils they can be shorter and still have the needed travel.

Obtanium recently sent me a Ti spring for my SOCOM DH bike.  My shock size is 9.5 x 3.00”.  Spring received is a 400 x 300. 

IMG_9688 copy by you.

Check back in 2009 as my Team and I will be racing at various DH races.  This unit will get more than its fair share of testing.

If you are looking for a lightweight option for your coiled shocks, visit Obtanium at www.obtainiumperformanceproducts.com

MSRP is $285.00

First Impressions: Motor Tabs, Fluid Replacement

At Sea Otter I met the folks from Motor Tabs.  While at their booth, they gave me a few samples of their energy tabs.  Below is a description of fluid replacement energy tablets:

§       Effervescent sports drink tablets
§       Optimal levels of sodium and potassium 
§       Multiple carbohydrate blend
§       Dissolves completely in water
§       No Aspartame, Sucralose, acesulfame potassium or high fructose corn syrup

I recently tried the Motor Tabs during the SC Velo XC Challenge in October.  Pleased with the results and the flavor, I contacted Motor Tabs and they provided additional samples.

Since receiving then, I’ve been using Motor Tabs regularly on my rides.  I have to admit that I do feel like I have more energy.  I don’t tire out as fast as I normally do.  I gauge this through the trails that I frequent.  After reaching a certain point my energy level usually drops.  Since drinking Motor Tabs pre/during my rides, I’ve been able to maintain a higher level of energy thus not tiring (where I normally would) and able to pedal through. 

Another example – I recently rode a fairly long trail, close to 20 miles.  Majority of the ride was climbing therefore at the end of the day I was pretty beat.  The next day I rode again, this time on my single speed bike.  Legs still tired from the previous day, I drank one 20 oz water bottle with Motor Tabs – prior and during my ride.  Results – I zipped through the trail as if I didn’t ride the day before.

IMG_9048 by you.

Motor Tabs comes in four flavors:

§       Fruit Punch
§    Lemon-Lime
§       Orange
§       Grape

Instructions for use:

Use one Motor Tabs tablet for each 20fl oz. of water.  Remove tablet from wrapper and place tablet in water.  Leave the top open until the tablet has completely dissolved.  The effervescent ingredients will dissolve the tablet thoroughly in approximately four minutes so there is no need to shake the bottle. Individual fluid intake requirements will vary.  **Room temperature water.

IMG_1759 by you.

The last part of the instruction I didn’t see initially.  On one of our hot days last month, I went for a ride and filled both of water bottles with ice and water.  On the way to the trail I dropped the tablets into the water bottle.  Fifteen minutes later, arriving at the trailhead, I noticed that the Motor Tabs have not dissolved completely… now I know. 

Thus far Motor Tabs has worked for me and can work for you.  Give it it a try.  For more information you can visit their site at www.motortabs.com.  I’ll continue to use Motor Tabs in 2009 so check back for a follow-up review.


Pronghorn PR6

Back at Sea Otter 2008 our good buddy Steve Richey from Promologic gave Moe the first ever ride on the Pronghorn PR6.

Pronghorn PR6 on the Sea Otter Demo Track

Moe enjoyed the short ride immensely and it seems, so did Bike Magic which had many praises for the Pronghorn. They have a more extensive review of the “quirky” looking Pronghorn. Here is just a bit of what they had to say:

Most bikes present some sort of first impression when you get on them. The PR6 goes with “fast”. Although the cockpit didn’t arrive with a particularly extreme setup, it’s still quite a forward-set position. It works a treat, though, and the frame isn’t so long that you can’t readily get your weight back should you need to.

Although the Pronghorn as tested wasn’t crazy-light, it still fair flew up hills. That’s thanks to the efficient riding position, taut suspension feel and fast-rolling tyres. It’s one of those bikes that manages to make you wish for flat bars and bar ends so you can get even more power down, and they’re a fairly rare breed. Tempting though the easy-access lockout lever is, we didn’t feel the need to reach for it.

Click here for the review by Bike Magic.

MtnBikeRiders.com Videos Posted on SeaOtterClassic.com

That’s right folks, the videos we shot and edited made it to the Sea Otter Classic Home Page….AGAIN! This is the second time they’ve used our videos to showcase what you can see at the event.

The videos were a collaboration between the work of myself(footage/editing), Jeremy (photos) and Moe(videos), in other words it was a team effort. The videos they featured were of Ryan Leech’s show and the SRAM Dual Stunt Show. You can check out SeaOtterClassic.com or watch them below to relive the experience.

Avid Elixir with Greg “H-ball” Herbold

Greg “H-Ball? Herbold of SRAM took a few minutes of his precious time to share with us how Avid’s new brake, the Elixir, works.

Moe videoing Elixir

Elixir is sleeker than the Juicys

A cutout of the Elixir to demonstrate the action inside the reservoir

GORE RideOn Cable Systems

While at Sea Otter, we came across the GORE tent and began talking to a nice lady that went into great detail why their product is superior than other brands out there.

Here’s some info from their site:


Completely protected from the elements by
continuous liner and GRUB™ Seals. Patented cable coating technology designed for low friction and durability. Works with most brakes or shifters on most bikes.

* Coated cables
* Continuous liner
* Cable housing
* GrubT seals
* Crimp caps
* Ferrules

A fancy picture that shows the comparison test results.

So once we got to talking about the cables I told them that I am doing an experiment with trying to get my mechanical brakes to feel more like hydraulic brakes. I mentioned that I’m currently using 4mm housing for my brakes because of the low compression that it offers. I had also mentioned that Nokon had sent me some housing and cables to see if it feels better than the 4mm housing. Right then the nice lady jumped on the opportunity to give me a set of the sealed brake kit to throw in the mix of my diabolical plan to save money and never upgrade to hydraulic brakes.

They even gave me this super cool bottle opener!

Mark Arthur Reynolds Memorial Fund and Race Event

Mark Reynolds passed away while competing in the Downhill event at Sea Otter. Our great friends at Evomo have been organizing a Memorial fund raiser and many companies have stepped up to offer product donations for this event. Read more about it below:

Los Angeles, CA — A fund raiser is being held in conjunction with the CCCX Downhill Race Series starting this Saturday, May 3rd in honor of Mark A. Reynolds who died on Saturday, April 19, 2008.

Mark’s death was a result of the crash he had while competing in the Downhill race during the Sea Otter Classic in Monterey, CA. Mark, who was just 48 years old, was the owner of Wicked Racin and innovator of the Dualrailluer Guide for which is in the process of being patented as the first dual chain ring guide. Mark was an avid mountain biker who raced competitively and he also enjoyed the action sports scene including snowboarding, wake boarding and even piloting airplanes. He was also a friend to many as well as a mentor to those looking to improve their skills.

After hearing the news on Saturday, members of the Evomo Mountain Bike Team stepped forward to contact fellow industry companies in order to organize a memorial fund raiser in Mark’s name. “I feel it’s the right thing to do and I really feel for the family who had to hear such terrible news”, said Tom Judy, Evomo Downhill Team Member. Everyone on the Evomo team instantly said they would be happy to make a collective Team donation to help. Within a few days, Fox Racing was ready to ship out some product donations and Keith DeFiebre, CCCX race organizer, offered his event location as a place to hold the fund raiser. “It was pretty awesome to get such instant support”, said Tom Judy.

Mark’s family hopes to contribute to a freeride or jump park that will be named after Mark so that people of all levels can enjoy the sport of mountain biking and can feel encouraged and supported, just as Mark made all of us feel.

Fox Racing Shox, Evomo, X-Fusion, Pactimo, Stan’s No Tubes, Cool Cycling Club, Calabazas Cyclery, Trailhead Cyclery, and Auburn Bike Works have already stepped up to donate cash or product for the fund raising raffle that will be held at the CCCX DH Race Series finale on Sunday, June 22. Memorial T-shirts and raffle tickets will be for sale at this weekends event in which all proceeds will go to the fund in honor of Mark. “By having a huge raffle at our series finale in June
we are able to maximize the cash we can raise by selling tickets at the next 5 races”, said Keith DeFiebre, CCCX Race organizer.

This weekend’s event will be held at Toro Park in California, located between Salinas and Monterey off of Hwy 68 just minutes from Laguna Seca Raceway. Registration for racing opens at 8am.

Donation information, please visit www.wickedracin.com where you can make a cash donation in his Mark’s name via PayPal.

Riding the Titus Racer X 29er

This year, the weather was good at the Sea Otter Classic 2008. We took advantage of the weather to test ride bikes that are out of our budget reach. Jeremy and I took a couple of Titus Racer X on the Sea Otter testing grounds.

I’m not an exclusive ’29er only’ rider, but I do own a hardtail 29er. With that said, I was really excited to test ride my first Full Suspension 29er. So here are my observations and opinions:

The Titus Racer X was really nicely equipped with Shimano XT, Fox Rear shock and Rock Shox in the front. Shifting was fast and precise, the shocks were dialed in (thanks to the Titus Crew for setting them up) and everything was adjusted to my height and weight.

As Jeremy and I rode to the trailhead, I noticed the weight of the bike right away. Once we started riding the singletrack, I was all smiles, the bike performed beautifully as the full suspension soaked all the bumps and it cornered with confidence. I did struggle climbing on this bike, to me, this basically confirmed that 26ers can climb better than a 29er.

Overall, riding the Titus Racer X 29er was a good experience but I think I’ll stick to riding my 29er hardtail.

Dirty Dog MTB & a Special Guest

We hooked up with Dirty Dog MTB while out at Sea Otter 2008 again to check out some of the new stuff they had going on. If you don’t know, Dirty Dog makes some of the best looking rotors out there. Not only do they look killer they also perform as well as if not better than stock rotors of the same size. We know this from experience as both RL & I have run different rotor designs from Dirty Dog for almost a year now.

Some new designs that Dirty Dog has included in its rotor lineup:

the High Roller

the Bone Burner

They have also reduced the weight of their Reaper Skull Stem although for the life of me I can’t remember by how much or what its current weight is at.

Guess who else liked Dirty Dog MTB’s products… Gary Fisher. Yeah that Gary Fisher, as if there was any other. GF stopped by the booth as we were perusing the new designs and I couldn’t help but overhear how GF wanted some of those sweet rotors on his rig too. By the way I mumbled a quick “Hi Gary? as if we’ve known each other forever or something. Me & Gary, we’re just cool like that.

Gary Fisher talking with Nick DeBeer of Dirty Dog MTB

Nick has a cool orange custom 29er behind his right elbow. I should have gotten a better picture of it. And Gary Fisher is checking out the Skull Cable Guides.

Click here for Dirty Dog MTB’s website.

Bad Ass Coffee for some Bad Ass Guys

On our last day at Sea Otter, we packed up our bags and loaded up the truck to head to the show. But before that, we wanted to get some coffee to help wake us up. But we weren’t satisfied with just regular coffee, we wanted Bad Ass Coffee! We actually found a place that catered to our needs…

Here’s Jeremy showing the burro who’s the boss…look at the guy next to Jeremy…

Here’s my Bad Ass Coffee. Jeremy and Moe both ordered some sort of espresso drink where they were required to say…”with a shot of Bad Ass Espresso.”

This place had all sorts of knick knacks, this one was my favorite.

We thought that this place was just a one location store, but they actually have branches all over the place. I guess it all started in Hawaii. Check it out HERE