Product Review: Mighty Mendit

I’m sure you’ve seen the infomercials with Billy Mays for the product, Might Mendit. I’m a sucker for infomercials and if Billy Mays is on it, then that means the product is pretty good, right?

Recently I tore a huge hole on my Sette Impact Protective Suit because I was taking it off the wrong way and pulled to hard…RIIIIP! Big hole in the arm pit.

Here’s the damage…
sette impact suit

Got some Mighty Mendit for $9.99
Might Mendit

I applied it to parts of the damaged area. Keep in mind that the fabric is like an elastic mesh, so that meant the Mighty Mendit was going to get a bit messy.

Put some pressure on it, made sure it sealed.

Voila! It’s fixed! Just let it dry, wait about 2 hours to wear and 24 hours to wash and you’re ready to roll.

Though the repair job it self wasn’t pretty looking, Mighty Mendit worked. I did think about sewing up my suit, but figured since the material was holey and stretchy, that it would have torn through the stitching again. Mighty Mendit did a good job and I was pretty impressed with it. For $10 is it worth it, sure. Besides if you don’t know how to sew, this is perfect for you!
might mendit