The reasons why I sold my Poseidon Bikes

UPDATE: Click here to see our new Poseidon bike: The FX!

When Poseidon bikes released their affordable gravel bikes I went ahead and ordered both of them. I rode the Poseidon X for about 3 months before selling it to my brother and this why:

Let’s start with the good; the bike was very affordable (still are), it was good looking and it had decent gearing for climbing. The X was a good bike on pavement but it left a lot to be desired on the dirt. The only drawback of the Poseidon X was the drive train; even though it was a good climber, it was slow on the flats.

Also, the rear derailleur exploded when my brother dropped the chain and tried to pedal. Luckily the Microshift derailleur was cheap to replace.

The main reason I sold the X was because the Poseidon Redwood came out and that bike looked bad ass and it looked like it could tackle the dirt with more confidence.

And yes, the Redwood was a great bike in the dirt, it climbed well, it descended well BUT the brakes sucked. I was also slow in the pavement; the stock meaty tires that it came with had a lot to do with this. Another major nuisance of this bike was the paint job; you will sneeze on the paint and it would peel off.

Poseidon Redwood

I actually ended up spending quite a bit of money upgrading the Redwood. I got new tires, a Redshift stem, brooks saddle and frame protection decals. But the bike was still not what I really wanted which is a bike that would be good in both the dirt and pavement. So I sold it.

What did I get instead of the Poseidon bikes? I ended up with a Giant Revolt Advanced 2. Although this bike was more expensive, it is a bike that is excellent on the road and the dirt.

So would I recommend Poseidon bikes? Yes, if you are in a budget and don’t want to spend a lot of money upgrading them.