Bike Fishing aka #bikefishing

If you do a search for #bikefishing, you’ll find that it’s become a thing. Typically people with beards, Carhartt beanies riding gravel bikes are into this trend. Though I’ve ridden my bicycles to local parks and streams since I was a kid and never really considered it a “thing.” until grown men who probably own cars and trucks started doing it for the gram (for you older folk, that means Instagram). But I can’t really blame them for doing so. There’s something special about going fishing, soaking up the scenery and on the rare occasion you actually catch something, then it becomes magical.

In previous years I’ve ridden my old Xtracycle rig, my old electric cargo bike, my mountain bikes and most recently, my hybrid bike. I’ve shared in previous posts that I got out of mountain bikes. In fact I no longer own any. My only bikes in my garage would by my hybrid, a stretched Micargi Puma cruiser and a Firmstrong beach cruiser. That’s a pretty far throw from what I used to have 10 years ago. I think at one point I had 23 bikes in there…

So here’s my latest bike “build” if you will. It’s a Trek FX that I got in exchange for some graphic design work for someone and this was his way of thanking me. The Moe gifted me a rear rack and some of his old CX/Gravel bike tires. Not pictured would be the new carbon bars that I got from Artie and a shorter stem. On the rack holding all my gear is my old Banjo Brothers  pannier. That thing is from 2007 or something like that and its still in great condition.

I typically will fish with 2 poles. One is my standard pink one that has 10lb braided line. I use that to cast out and try to catch some large carp. My other is an Tenkara style pole, which happens to be my favorite way to fish. Think of it like fly fishing, but no reel. I’ve caught some large fish with it as well as some little fellas.

Fishing is one of my favorite activities because, much like mountain biking, you can enjoy it with friends. But unlike mountain biking, you can drink whiskey and smoke cigars at the same time. I mean, sure you can smoke and drink while riding through some single track, but you probably won’t have a good time. In fact, one time I remember bringing a beer with me on a ride at the World Famous Fullerton Loop. About half way through, I popped open a PBR and drank it. Big mistake. All that fluid sloshing around in my belly was a great recipe for a throw up party…I think that was back in 2009 and trust me, that was the last time I did that on a ride.

But I digress, you don’t need some special bike to ride to go fishing. Just run what you brung, I did and it works just fine. One suggestion when you try #bikefishing, bring a chair, a small blanket, snacks, booze and cigars. Make it a day, you’ll love it!