The Moe

Who is “The Moe”?

The Moe

Nicknames come and go but Moe Ramirez’s “The Moe” nickname has stuck for a while. Moe embraces this nickname sort of as an alter ego but how did “The Moe” originate? Well, we have to thank former MtnBikeRiders.com writer Jeremy Yang for the nickname. Here is his blog post of how “The Moe” came to be:

Ride Report: Turnbull Canyon – Guest Appearance

We at MtnBikeRiders.com believe in having fun and all the staff ran with “Where is The Moe” joke. Here is a post of from Interbike 2009:

Interbike 2009: The Elusive MOE

I like Bear claws and beer so RL and Moe created this funny post about luring “The Moe” with some bait:

Trying to locate a very elusive creature

We are still having fun with “The Moe”, in fact, RL got a Funko pop figurine of the “The Moe”:

The Moe