Don’t become a Spinster, Become a Mountain Biker

This one is for the ladies that are out there. Guys if you know of any women that can benefit from this article, feel free to publish it on your Facebook or email the link to them.

Ladies, don’t waste your time meeting losers at the bar, dating sites or laundromat. Pssh…the best thing to do for all you single ladies is start riding a mountain bike! Here’s where I’m going with this. Men are SUPER impressed with any woman who rides.

I’ll give you an example, Priscilla has so many “fans” because she rides. When men find out she’s a mountain biker, they are instantly enamored with her. Not only are they impressed, but they all want to talk to her more about the sport and what’s funny is, men become very attentive in everything she has to say.

Just today, she brought her bike into her office. The copy machine guy walks in and says to her co-worker, “hey man, nice bike!” Her colleague responded by saying, “no man, that’s hers (as he points to Priscilla).” The copy guy takes a step back, and suddenly he was speechless. He kept pointing to the bike and back to Priscilla and eventually said, “WOooooow!!!!That’s your bike!??! WOOOW!” Unfortunately for these men, she’s madly in love with me!

Anyway, what I’m getting at is this, the ratio for men to women in mountain biking is pretty uneven. For every 20 men riders, there’s usually 1 or 2 ladies. So with that in mind, you ladies pretty much have a choice on who you want to date. You never know if the guy you meet on the trail may end up becoming your husband. If you do get married because of mountain biking, you’re already ahead in keeping your marriage in tact. Every happily married couple knows that having a common hobby makes a marriage stronger.