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I’ve been a huge fan of the Fat Cyclist for years now. The best way for me to enjoy his blog is by having it sent to my Google Reader whenever something new is posted.

For those of you who don’t know about the Fat Cyclist he used to be kind of chubby (never really “fat”) a few years ago. He then rode a lot and became skinny. His blog is great because it encompasses mountain biking, road riding, life, family, cancer and many other things mostly in a humorous way. He also just won the 2008 Weblog Award for Best Sports Blog.

Today he wrote a hilarious post called April Fools Jokes for Cyclists. Here’s a snippet:

New Bike
If you are anything at all like me, you have from time to time tried to sneak a bike into the stable, hoping your better half won’t notice one more bike among the legions already there. Therefore, if your significant other is anything like mine, she (or he) makes a point of scanning the garage on a daily basis, taking inventory of your bike stable to see if it has grown.

So, this April Fools, borrow a bike — a really nice bike, of about the same size of your other bikes — from a friend. Not to ride, but just to park. Put it by your other bikes in such a way that it looks like you’re trying to hide it.

And then don’t say a word.

When your spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend/whatever eventually notices and asks about the bike, simply reply, “It’s just a bike.?

“You bought a bike without consulting me?? will be the response.

Look away. Swallow. Stammer. Then say, “Not exactly.?

“Exactly what, then??

Which is when you say “April Fools!? and you both have a good laugh, or you get clobbered with the nearest heavy, blunt object. Could go either way.

The rest of the post can be found here where he occasionally submits articles to bikeradar.com.

4 thoughts on “Fat Cyclist… April Fools Jokes for Cyclist

  1. One year Priscilla was going to hide all my bikes and say say that they were stolen….wicked woman….but I do admit that joke would have been REALLY good.


  2. lol. Yeah…i was plotting it out but when I thought about it I wasn’t sure I wanted to see a grown man cry..so I decided not to do it after all. LOL!

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