Tied for 5th

Mountain biking comes in tied for 5th in the National Estimates of Outdoor Recreational Injuries Treated in Emergency Departments for non-fatal injuries.

The top four are:
25.5% – Snowboarding
10.8% – Sledding
6.3% – Hiking – who would of thought?
3.7% – Personal Watercraft (not boats)

Mountain biking is tied with Water skiing at 3.6%. And just below mountain biking is… wait for it… fishing at 3.3%. FISHING! Can someone explain to me how fishing has more emergency department non-fatal injuries than say: mountain climbing? horseback riding? swimming?

If you break down the “other” category, Mountain Biking drops even further. It falls below Snow Skiing at 24.2%, Surfing at 8.4% and Snowmobiles at 3.8%. Those snow sports are dangerous. Being an avid skier and a beginning snowboarder, I can say that I am not completely surprised.

Here’s the link.

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  1. Explanation of the dangers of Fishing:

    A good fisherman always brings his pole…and BEER. <–Root of fishing injuries.

    There you have it.

  2. I agree. Alcohol has got be a factor. Plus its not mentioned whether or not fishing is on a boat increasing the factor for falling in or bumps and bruises from a rocking boat. Not to mention cuts from filleting/gutting of fish and hook removal.

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