Welcome 2024

I don’t usually do New Year’s resolutions but I do give myself bike riding goals that are attainable. The obvious goal is to ride as much as possible but being older, I need to focus on the quality of miles VS the quantity of miles.

First on my list is to ride new trails or ride trails that I have not ridden in years. Here are some of the trails that I want to ride:

Bonelli Park: It has been years since I rode this trail
Franklin Canyon: New trail for me and I heard that it is fun
The Luge: I always dread the uphill to the top but the e-bike will be the equalizer
Skyline in Whittier: New trail for me and it is close to home

I also want to acquire an “aggressive hardtail” like the Poseidon Norton (still waiting to come out in the used market) but I am not in a hurry since I am upgrading one of my existing bikes.

Another obvious goal is to lose the unwanted weight, this battle began in November and I am still working at it.