Ride report – New trail: Cherry Canyon

I usually stick to the MTB trails in Orange County but my brother had told me about how much fun Cherry Canyon in Glendale is.

We started our ride at the Glendale Sports Complex and began the singletrack climb to the table top.

We then rode a fun singletrack down to the stables and climbed back up to the table top again. We then met the riding group from the Allez LA bike shop (formerly known as GSC) and I was amazed of the number of riders and that most of them were riding gravel bikes

We rode with the different trails with the group and at the end my brother and I descended another fun singletrack to the complex. Unfortunately I washed out on one of the corners and crashed; no worries, the bike is OK.

In regards to the bike… I rode my Giant Trance e-bike aka the Awnry bikes Cheetah. The bike was the equalizer on keeping up with my brother as well as all the youthful riders from the Allez LA bike shop.

I had a blast riding this trail and I hope to be back soon!