Soul Cycles Dillinger 29er

After a long hard week at work and fighting through the Friday traffic, there’s nothing more satisfying than coming home to a package waiting at your front door, especially a big box.  This Friday I came home to a package from… Soul Cycles. 

IMG2949 by you.

What’s in the box?  The Dillinger 29er EBB (Eccentric Bottom Bracket) frame in Pearl Green, a singlespeed machine.

IMG2958 by you.

Wow this frame is beautiful!   Amazing craftsmanship utilizing Easton Ultralite Race tubing.  Check out the following pictures:

IMG2961 by you.chainstay and the eccentric bottom bracket.

IMG2963 by you.

IMG2957 by you.

IMG_4432 by you.

Also included is the Rock Shox Race 29er fork with remote and a set of Geax tires. 

IMG2964 by you.IMG2965 by you.

IMG2968 by you.

The lucky guy that will be testing this beauty is the “The Moe”.  Check back in a few months for his review.  You can see more of Soul Cycles by going to their site

9 Replies to “Soul Cycles Dillinger 29er”

  1. Moe, I’ll trade you for an On-One Scandal with Beauty Marks on the down tube?

    What’s that frame weigh btw?

  2. The frame is still at Joe’s, I will be picking it up soon. I will weigh it as soon as I get my little grabby hands on it!!! (Although the site says 4lbs 8oz) Can you say Green CK headset????

  3. My bad guys… I was so excited opening the box, i forgot to weigh it… duh… Anyhow it’s 4.64 oz

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