Sette Razzo Frame… is in!

The good folks at sent us the new Sette Razzo frame. It’s quite pretty. 🙂

Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure:

Sette Razzo frame – beautiful shiny finish.

derailleur hangar

Welds at the seat tube/top tube junction

the Razzo. Understated in black lettering

toptube has a little extra plate to stiffen it up

The 20″ Razzo came in at a very respectable 3.5 lbs on our ultimate analog scale. We’ll be building this up as a single speed, my first. Wish me luck.

For more info on the Razzo, click here.

13 Replies to “Sette Razzo Frame… is in!”

  1. 3.5 lbs. at that price WOW, I definately want to see what you guys think of it.

    RL- no gussett- no need for the gussett with the bend in the down tube, that bend strenthens the head tube-down tube connection.

  2. Weyland, the stickers are under a clear coat… I checked.

    Carl: Over time, like a sledge hammer, Eric can break anything.

    Quinn: Yeah, 3.5 lbs. I weighed it twice.

  3. The bend in the downtube doesn’t do anything to strengthen that connection — it is there merely to offer clearance for the front wheel as the fork compresses.

    I wonder about the lack of a gusset there, too. They put one at the seat cluster (weird)…so why no downtube gusset?

  4. ghostrider, the bend is in the downtube to clear the fork crown and adjustment knobs, not the tire.

  5. Updates:

    Have it built up as a single speed. Link:

    Got a ride on in but sickness has kept me back from riding more. Basically the ride was to get things dialed and try the whole SS thing. Turned out fine and I’m ready for some more rides. I’ll post about the ride soon.

    Frame was fine. Not quite as forgiving as a steel, but no where near as harsh as some aluminum frames I’ve been on. More to come.


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