Sette Razzo is offering a new hardtail frame… a 29er frame to be exact. Meet the Sette Razzo.

Sette Razzo

Hella cool and wicked fast, the Razzo 29er is ready to rock it from coast to coast!

Featuring one of the lightest 29er frames on the market, the Razzo weighs in at a mere 3.25 lbs/1470 grams (18″ frame size) and uses double-butted 7005 aluminum tubing.

This isn’t just a re-scaled 26″ mountain bike disguised as a 29er, it was designed as a 29er through and through. A shorter head tube allows for more precise, agile handling and the formed sloping tube provides greater fork/front wheel clearance.

Oh yeah, and the Razzo comes in a cool, super shiny polished aluminum finish. Dang! Check it.

Did I mention that it is light? 3.25 lbs is about as light a HT frame as you’re going to get in a 29er. The price, as with all Sette products, is very competitive at $249.98.

Here is the link.

18 Replies to “Sette Razzo”

  1. When I first saw it, I immediately thought: Niner’s AIR9, but after looking at the AIR9, I ruled it out. I haven’t found which name brand frame it is based on, but it looks pretty good. I’d like to see the geometry numbers on it.

  2. I would like to know more specs, seat post, BB, geo ect., might just be the frame to help me have an all “big wheel” stable.

  3. With the exception of the dropouts, the frame geometry seems to be close to that of the Rockhopper 29er; primary diff. being the adjustable dropouts, second being the swept seat-tube (as on the Rockhopper).

    Seeing how a majority of frames right now are being made by 2 or 3 primary manufacturers in China/Taiwan (and being mass-branded), there is extreme likelihood it is identical in every way to another major brand bike frame. The hardest part is finding which manufacturer is producing the frames… this will tell you if the frame is a great deal, or if it is a true generic.

  4. >>>Nice! My Fisher frame weighs 1/4lb less and cost me $700. I like the polished look.
    Yea, but does not force g2 geometry on you.
    Nobody mentioned no matter where it comes from it has a 5 year warranty !

  5. Looks great. Have you ridden it yet? I’m thinking of picking one up. I’m 6’1″ with a 32″ in seam, looks like the 18″ for me.

  6. I’ve ridden it a few times. Like it a lot. I am also 6’1″ and about a 32″ inseam. I went with the 20″. I shortened the cockpit a tiny bit with a shorter stem.

  7. Cool, I ordered the 18″. I measured my 19″ Breezer Lightning and the stand over height and top tube length were the same as the Razzo so I pulled the trigger. I don’t like the top tube touching the nads! I have always liked riding a frame a size smaller then what bike shops recommended. Sure hope it fits good.

  8. Wow. Even better. I took it out to Marshall Canyon this past weekend for a couple hours of riding. Loving it as a SS.

    Randy: please link to some pictures when you get it built up. Thanks!

  9. Got the build done last week and rode over the weekend. See URL for a pic. I’m 6’1 and got the 18″. Probably could’ve gone with the 20 but my boys already touch the top tube with this one when standing over it. I like one size smaller frames then I’m suppose to ride anyway, I just like the way it feels better. Bike road great, I’m very satisfied with it. For $200 you can’t beat the price for the frame.

  10. Oh, forgot to add that the front derailleur clamp covers the bottom water bottle cage bolt hole. I’m going to have to find a different type of clamp type to mount my bottles. I’m an old guy and don’t like carrying anything on my back, let the bike do the work.

    Click on my name for a pic.


  11. Glad you like it! For the $ I put in it, I’m very happy. Let’s see if it breaks? I’ve broken two Cannondale frames in the past and I’m not a fan of aluminum bikes at all. I’ve been wondering the weight myself. I purchased the 29er build kit along with the frame and last years Reba 29er SL (which I find difficult to get air into) A few months ago I test rode a Salsa Big Momma that weighed 31 lbs and it felt like a pig on climbs but like butter downhill. This one climbed much better, as all hardtails do, and performed just exactly as I wanted downhill with large rocks, downed trees, etc. typical Virgina trail. It does weigh more then my 22 lb Breezer but the benefits of the 29 inch wheels far out weigh the difference in weight. I’ll take it to the LBS and weigh it when I get a chance. I’m working 60 hours a week right now.


  12. After two rides I have a couple comments. The BB MUST be faced. The frame comes with a fresh BB, never faced so it has all of the artifacts left over. So, one would indeed face the head tube as well. I didn’t face my BB but knew I needed too and will as soon as I can. Top mounted cables are stupid. Rear brake, ok, but not all of them. Disc brakes are overated for a XC bike. Too much weight with little added benefit. Doesn’t climb nearly as well as a 26er. I NEED to adjust my fork travel and figure out HOW to get air into it. So far the 29er Reba SL is impossible to get air into. What happened to using a needle? I guess it worked so they decided to get rid of that proven technology. Overall, the frame is worth the price. Did you see the carbon 26er? OMG!

  13. From what I understand, facing the BB and headtube is pretty standard if you’re buying a frame from an oversees manufacturer. Smaller boutiques may go the extra mile though.
    I’m with you on the top mounted stops. It cuts down on standover room just a smidge. Some manufacturers like to run them there to make it more comfortable for portaging.
    Carbon 26″ is sick.

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