Poseidon FX

The mystery bike: Poseidon Bikes FX Tracklocross

We unveiled the mystery bike on our Facebook page; it is basically a fixed gear skinny fully rigid 29r bike! It is actually a tracklocross bike. So what the heck is a “Tracklocross bike”? It is basically the offspring of a cyclocross and a track bike!

Poseidon FX

We had enough parts laying around for a simple build; so we ended up purchasing a Poseidon FX frameset from Poseidon Bikes for $149.00. We had an old FSA stem and paired it with a Salsa handlebar and Lizard Skins grips.

The saddle and seatpost were from an Orbea Gain

The chain, bottom bracket, crankset and brake calipers were purchased Online and I had those Crank Brothers eggbeaters laying around

Wheels and brake levers were “donated” from a Retrospec Harper Plus Bike and the tires came from my Giant Revolt. I’m running 38s but I can fit up to 40s on that bike

And finally, the bike was wrapped with EMLEE bike protection tape. It gave the bike a little bit of character and color.

We are planning to ride this bike on the World Famous Fullerton Loop. Stay tuned for the update.