Riding a Poseidon Bikes FX Tracklocross at the Fullerton Loop

It has been a while since we have posted but mostly because we are actually riding our bikes! I finally got to ride the Poseidon Bikes FX tracklocross bike on part of the Fullerton Loop. Mind you, I’ve ridden fixed gear bikes before when I used to commute to work but I had never ridden a fixie on the dirt.

Poseidon Bikes FX

Everything that I know about riding a mountain bike or a gravel bike was out the window. Riding a fixie with shitty brakes on the downhills was scary AF, in fact, I ended up walking a downhill that was rutted because I didn’t want my old ass to crash. (Crashing sucks when you are old). Timing is essential when you are riding a road with bumps and ruts, it was very hard for me to time my pedal strokes because I am not skilled enough to lock up my knees and skid.

Poseidon Bikes FX

Riding on the flat gravel roads was actually enjoyable, my gearing was adequate for the flats but going uphill was a different story. All in all, the ride was challenging, it was fun, it was scary and I may or may not do it again.