Sea Otter 2010: Redline Bikes

One of our absolute favorite people and bike companies to visit with has to be our good friends at Redline.

The Conquest 20

No, your eyes are not fooling with you, this is not a full size mountain bike. It is a kid’s 20″ wheel sized bike that can be ridden both on the trails and on the street due to the fast rolling Kenda Small Block 8. Redline really thought things through with this bike using brakes that are specifically designed to have less reach for kids hands and with good dirt clearance. The large chainrings, 38/48, make higher speeds on the smaller wheels possible. What really got me going about the Conquest 20 was the weight: 20 lbs. Yes, a relatively lightweight bike for the kiddos and it definitely has some room for weight improvement as well.

20 inch Kenda Small Block 8’s

Redline Urbis

The Redline Urbis is a steel gray fixie beauty retailing for $550. It was a real eye catcher for us mountain geeks.

Sick wheels

Bar spin compatible