Sea Otter 2010: Heather Irmiger

Last year, Tim and I got a chance to ride with Mr. Gary Fisher himself at the Sea Otter Classic. This year, as we were about to return our Kona’s (Abra-Cadabra & Hei Hei 2-9 impressions coming soon) we spotted Heather Irmiger, a Gary Fisher rider out cheering on her teammates during the Pro XC Men’s race on Sunday afternoon. Some of her thoughts on the 29ers included:
– love it
– people who aren’t on them have to try them
– the results speak for themselves (including Burry Stander winning Pro Men’s XC on a 29er)

By the way, Heather is a little thing at maybe 5’4″. But she rocked her Superfly to a 5th place finish at the Pro XC Women’s Race at the Sea Otter Classic. Congrats and we wish you good luck for your 2010 World Cup season and safe travels.