First Impressions: Motor Tabs, Fluid Replacement

Mountain Biking Products Reviews Sea Otter 2008

At Sea Otter I met the folks from Motor Tabs.  While at their booth, they gave me a few samples of their energy tabs.  Below is a description of fluid replacement energy tablets:

§       Effervescent sports drink tablets
§       Optimal levels of sodium and potassium 
§       Multiple carbohydrate blend
§       Dissolves completely in water
§       No Aspartame, Sucralose, acesulfame potassium or high fructose corn syrup

I recently tried the Motor Tabs during the SC Velo XC Challenge in October.  Pleased with the results and the flavor, I contacted Motor Tabs and they provided additional samples.

Since receiving then, I’ve been using Motor Tabs regularly on my rides.  I have to admit that I do feel like I have more energy.  I don’t tire out as fast as I normally do.  I gauge this through the trails that I frequent.  After reaching a certain point my energy level usually drops.  Since drinking Motor Tabs pre/during my rides, I’ve been able to maintain a higher level of energy thus not tiring (where I normally would) and able to pedal through. 

Another example – I recently rode a fairly long trail, close to 20 miles.  Majority of the ride was climbing therefore at the end of the day I was pretty beat.  The next day I rode again, this time on my single speed bike.  Legs still tired from the previous day, I drank one 20 oz water bottle with Motor Tabs – prior and during my ride.  Results – I zipped through the trail as if I didn’t ride the day before.

IMG_9048 by you.

Motor Tabs comes in four flavors:

§       Fruit Punch
§    Lemon-Lime
§       Orange
§       Grape

Instructions for use:

Use one Motor Tabs tablet for each 20fl oz. of water.  Remove tablet from wrapper and place tablet in water.  Leave the top open until the tablet has completely dissolved.  The effervescent ingredients will dissolve the tablet thoroughly in approximately four minutes so there is no need to shake the bottle. Individual fluid intake requirements will vary.  **Room temperature water.

IMG_1759 by you.

The last part of the instruction I didn’t see initially.  On one of our hot days last month, I went for a ride and filled both of water bottles with ice and water.  On the way to the trail I dropped the tablets into the water bottle.  Fifteen minutes later, arriving at the trailhead, I noticed that the Motor Tabs have not dissolved completely… now I know. 

Thus far Motor Tabs has worked for me and can work for you.  Give it it a try.  For more information you can visit their site at  I’ll continue to use Motor Tabs in 2009 so check back for a follow-up review.


1 thought on “First Impressions: Motor Tabs, Fluid Replacement

  1. I’ve been using Motor Tabs for about two years now. My leg muscles seem to be fatigue less and I haven’t experienced any cramping when going on long rides (say 2 to 5 hours). I use Motor Tabs both on the mountain bike and road bike and all I need to do is add one tab to each water bottle. It’s also easy to throw a couple extra tabs in your back pocket or Camelback when going on longer rides.

    The taste is crisp and is not overly sweet like other sports drinks which are loaded with all sorts of sugary sweeteners, etc.

    I’m planning on bringing some Motor Tabs on my next multi-day backpacking trip as they are more effective and easier to use than other powdered sports drinks. Besides, I’ll be able to bring four different flavors rather than just one!

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