Bad Ass Coffee for some Bad Ass Guys

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On our last day at Sea Otter, we packed up our bags and loaded up the truck to head to the show. But before that, we wanted to get some coffee to help wake us up. But we weren’t satisfied with just regular coffee, we wanted Bad Ass Coffee! We actually found a place that catered to our needs…

Here’s Jeremy showing the burro who’s the boss…look at the guy next to Jeremy…

Here’s my Bad Ass Coffee. Jeremy and Moe both ordered some sort of espresso drink where they were required to say…”with a shot of Bad Ass Espresso.”

This place had all sorts of knick knacks, this one was my favorite.

We thought that this place was just a one location store, but they actually have branches all over the place. I guess it all started in Hawaii. Check it out HERE

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4 thoughts on “Bad Ass Coffee for some Bad Ass Guys

  1. Would the gangster joke work if the guy was any other race besides white? It good to see that it’s still okay to portray white people as a bunch of dorky retards in public like that with no reprocusions.As a white man I feel the sign should be removed in respect for my trailer park brethren who work hard to maintain a cetain ganster-like image.

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