SRAM Dual Stunt Show at Sea Otter Classic 2008

This was the first event that SRAM put on that basically was this race where anyone could enter. We all sorts of people like the toothless Jordie Lund to kids that were 14 years old racing against factory riders from the likes of Specialized.
sram dual stunt

Jordie Lund

We were hanging out with Mike Thomas and Yanni of Tag Wheels when they told us that one of their riders, Omar “Endo” Romero was competing in this event. So Jeremy and ran over to get some photos and a short video of the event.

We also got a quick video of Yanni doing some tricks on this “ROAD BIKE!” He’s doing stuff that you should be doing on bmx or dirt jump bikes…

Oh dang, I just realized I used the same song for both videos…aye, we’ll give that one to being tired.

3 Replies to “SRAM Dual Stunt Show at Sea Otter Classic 2008”

  1. i saw that dude on his road bike last year. To do those on a niche bike like Ryan Leech does is one thing, but do to those moves on a road bike is beyond words. Skeeelz.

  2. oh my…. jordie has changed…. he’s got, shall we say, quite an “interesting” family… he used to ride for Sunrace quite a few years ago…. and there are some stories….

    here’s a pic I got of him racing Brian Lopes at the Sea Otter quite some years ago
    one of my favorites

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