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That’s right folks, the videos we shot and edited made it to the Sea Otter Classic Home Page….AGAIN! This is the second time they’ve used our videos to showcase what you can see at the event.

The videos were a collaboration between the work of myself(footage/editing), Jeremy (photos) and Moe(videos), in other words it was a team effort. The videos they featured were of Ryan Leech’s show and the SRAM Dual Stunt Show. You can check out or watch them below to relive the experience.

Riding the Titus Racer X 29er

This year, the weather was good at the Sea Otter Classic 2008. We took advantage of the weather to test ride bikes that are out of our budget reach. Jeremy and I took a couple of Titus Racer X on the Sea Otter testing grounds.

I’m not an exclusive ’29er only’ rider, but I do own a hardtail 29er. With that said, I was really excited to test ride my first Full Suspension 29er. So here are my observations and opinions:

The Titus Racer X was really nicely equipped with Shimano XT, Fox Rear shock and Rock Shox in the front. Shifting was fast and precise, the shocks were dialed in (thanks to the Titus Crew for setting them up) and everything was adjusted to my height and weight.

As Jeremy and I rode to the trailhead, I noticed the weight of the bike right away. Once we started riding the singletrack, I was all smiles, the bike performed beautifully as the full suspension soaked all the bumps and it cornered with confidence. I did struggle climbing on this bike, to me, this basically confirmed that 26ers can climb better than a 29er.

Overall, riding the Titus Racer X 29er was a good experience but I think I’ll stick to riding my 29er hardtail.

Sea Otter Classic: Bike Skills Pump Track

One of the cools things at this year’s Sea Otter Classic was the Bike Skills pump track. Now in all honesty, I really wanted to try out this track, but I was intimidated by some hardcore kids that were in there tearing it up! But on Sunday we made it our first priority to get on the pump track before the anyone else did. So I borrowed a Trek Remedy…big mistake. The Remedy is a sweet bike, but not really meant for pumping. It’s too squishy. I needed a hard tail.

trek remedy

At one point I did get the whole pumping thing down and was even able to take a berm without putting the brakes on.

I was only on the pump track for no more than 10 minutes, reason being, its hard! Its funny, I wasn’t pedaling at all, but I found myself using my whole body to pump up and over each roller. Overall, it was really fun…now the next move is finding a place to build one…

Syncros: 29er AM/FR Wheelset & Components

Syncros makes beautiful stuff. On my mind in particular is what Marshall, the Brand Manager, pointed out to us: an AM wheelset strong enough for Free Riding. Marshall specifically mentioned that some players in the 29er market are picking up these wheels for longer travel design 29ers that they haven’t finished designing yet! 😉

Here it is in a super sweet white!

White, 28mm

This indent helps to keep the bead from rolling around which would cause the tube’s valve to get sheared off

Info card (I wasn’t watching my aperture and the bottom came out blurry. My apologies.)

Syncros does have other new stuff to show off including their new custom image program that will incorporate images onto certain components like handlebars or seatposts.

Custom image on white handlebar

More handlebars

Seatposts, some with custom images

new saddles including xc style

Stems, white, with graphics too

For more info on Syncros, click here.

More Evomo Bad-A$$ne$$!

The Evomo crew are basically the bad boys of mountain biking. Rock Racing may hold the bad boy image for road racing, but for mountain biking, no one captures it like Evomo. So what makes Evomo so B/A? Well it starts off with some pretty sweet product and a couple swigs of JD. You may have seen the interview already that showcased their new 08 product line, but I wanted to feature a few more products that was really cool and you should definitely get.

This is the 3D shirt…yup 3D! You also get a pair of 3D glasses when you buy it. Being the team player that I am, I donned the 3D eyewear to see if this shirt lives up to its purpose…
evomo 3d shirt
Here’s a shot of me tripping out on this shirt! It really does pop out at you.

Here’s another 3Dish product, its their new hats. Bryan Thombs, Mastermind of Evomo actually gave us some for the show.

Now I don’t know if this is available to anyone other than cool people and team members, but this jersey is super cool. Here’s Bryan showing it off.

Oh did you see this…oh hey, who’s logo is that? Oh whut? No way! It’s the logo! Now that’s B/A!
evomo team jersey
Moe has one and I know its one of his favorite jerseys!

So if you’re curious about any of the products you’ve seen, feel free to hit up and order stuff. Don’t worry we don’t get commission or anything like that. We just like Evomo and their products.

Hate the rubber smell of tires?

If you do, you and Kenda Tires have something in common. While at Sea Otter, we heard about how Kenda didn’t like the rubbery smell of their tires. So what’s their solution for that problem? They made the tires to have a nice soapy, clean scent!

Ya, I’m dead serious! These tires smelled good, almost like a bar of soap! I’m not sure if this process will ever make it into production, but heck, it got my attention!

Who needs models when you’ve got “RL”

To me it never made sense to have models standing or posing next to just about anything you can think of. All that does is take your focus away from your product and onto the model. Some may disagree, but I think if you take someone like me, obviously I’m damn sexy, but not too sexy where your eyes are glued on my glutes, but enough to bring pizazz to your product.

Take this for example, this is the Raxter Rack (more on this later). Without anything, the product looks great.

But if you add me into the mix…BAM! Instant sexiness! Check out how my lips are saying “ooooh” Paris got nutin’ on me!

Here’s another example, this Swobo jersey wreaks hotness just because I’m next to it.

My final example is this. Here I am riding the Spot Brand Belt Driven 29er Single Speed. I’m also equipped with the Banjo Brothers Back Pack. What does this picture say? Well to some it’s just a shot of me riding away, but for Spot and Banjo Brothers, its a “money shot.” Not only am I rockin’ great product, but I enhance it just by having it on my person. This shot shows a wow effect of a great back pack and an awesome bike.

If you’re interested in hiring me as a model for your product, feel free to call my agent “Jenny, 867 5309” and schedule an appointment

KHS ARMY at the Sea Otter Classic

While the best riders in the world were racing (KHS ARMY), the guys and I stopped by the KHS Bicycles booth to say “Que Paso” to our buddy, and KHS Team Manager, Quinton Spaulding.

He started showing us around the tent by starting of with some of the bikes that the Pros ride. Unfortunately “My Girl” Melissa Buhl wasn’t there, but I made sure I got a picture of her KHS Lucky 7.
khs lucky 7

We spent some time with Quinton, or “Q” and he gave us a break down on a few team tips/techniques that helps the KHS Army win race after race. For one, he told us that Kenda provides them up to 200 tires per season and that they don’t ride with a set of tires no more than 1 race. After a race, they replace those for a new set. Plus if they get a flat, they immediately replace the tires, they don’t bother using them afterwards. He also went into great detail about going tubeless. Apparently running tubeless gives the rider a better feel of the terrain and the bike is more responsive, plus he mentioned that you get a “true” feel of what PSI you should be running.

Here’s Q with one of the DH bikes.

Another interesting thing he had told us was that they use the XCT 555, a XC bike in the dual slalom and sometimes as a DH bike. He talked about how the “little” bikes such as the XCT are perfect for smaller courses and the big bikes such as the DH200 are used for courses that are gnarlier and harder.
khs xct 555

I then noticed that they were running Kenda Small Blocks on the rear tire of most of their bikes. If you didn’t know this, (I didn’t either until Jeremy educated me) but the Small Blocks are great fast rolling tires for XC and they’re super light. They’re not the greatest in hooking up, but they’ll propel a rider down the trail really fast. I’m going to take a guess and say that they were running 2.35’s in the back and perhaps a 2.4’s in the front. But the front tire used were some big Kenda DH tires. Q mentioned that they use the fast rolling tires in the back to get the riders moving quickly and explained that when you’re cornering, the front wheel is the one that will dictate where your bike will be. So rule of thumb, fast rolling in the back, and grippy tire in the front!

Here’s Moe and Q with the DH200.

Thanks again to Q for hanging out with us, a super cool guy!