Riding the Titus Racer X 29er

Mountain Biking Sea Otter 2008

This year, the weather was good at the Sea Otter Classic 2008. We took advantage of the weather to test ride bikes that are out of our budget reach. Jeremy and I took a couple of Titus Racer X on the Sea Otter testing grounds.

I’m not an exclusive ’29er only’ rider, but I do own a hardtail 29er. With that said, I was really excited to test ride my first Full Suspension 29er. So here are my observations and opinions:

The Titus Racer X was really nicely equipped with Shimano XT, Fox Rear shock and Rock Shox in the front. Shifting was fast and precise, the shocks were dialed in (thanks to the Titus Crew for setting them up) and everything was adjusted to my height and weight.

As Jeremy and I rode to the trailhead, I noticed the weight of the bike right away. Once we started riding the singletrack, I was all smiles, the bike performed beautifully as the full suspension soaked all the bumps and it cornered with confidence. I did struggle climbing on this bike, to me, this basically confirmed that 26ers can climb better than a 29er.

Overall, riding the Titus Racer X 29er was a good experience but I think I’ll stick to riding my 29er hardtail.

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