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A clever way to transport a Sette Vexx securely

Posted by RL Policar On October - 27 - 2010

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Team Racer, Wes Castro showed us how he securely transports his DH bike, the Sette Vexx to the races.
Check out how the rack fits perfectly through the frame!
Wes never has to worry about his bike bouncing around or falling off the rack.

Sette Vexx Race impressions

Posted by Moe Ramirez On March - 3 - 2010

Wes Castro on the Sette Vexx

Moe Ramirez:Since I’m still on the disabled list, Team rider Wes Castro got to take the Sette Vexx on its maiden ride. Here is his race report along with his impressions of the frame:

Well lets start this race report with the weather, it was a great southern California day (sorry east coast riders). Great weather and great Friends equals one thing: a great Day to ride downhill.


On to the race report, practice Saturday I was a little nervous, first time out for the Sette Vexx and my first time on an 8inch travel bike with a dual crown fork. Well, onto the first practice run, I told myself just go with the flow of the course and have fun. All day long run after run I felt great on the Sette Vexx. One full day of practice with a total of five runs and each area of the course was getting easier to navigate.

On Race Day, I had two practice runs and I was feeling great. Donny calls my name and as I get to the starting platform, I smile (Thanks RL, it works!) and off I go and before I know it I’m through the first rock garden on the upper section and on to the first straight away and I’m pedaling hard, second rock garden and I rock that section like I have never done before.

As I reached “The wall”, what can I say, my heart is pumping, my legs are tired but I get up off the seat and I pedal as hard as I can. At the time I had no Idea how I did all I know is that I felt great as I crossed the line I see RL and he tells me I caught the last guy in the class before me. I was stoked with my run!!!!!! As we waited for the results to be posted I still really had no Idea how I’d done. Results where posted and I heard several of my friends say my name and that I placed 2nd. My best finish yet!!!

Well what can I say about the Sette Vexx. Let me start by thanking the people at Sette for releasing a great frame, Moe and RL for the opportunity to ride a great bike. At first look the bike looks strong and has a mean race look. The welds and all the pivots look real good, seems to be a very solid frame. As I took the Vexx on my first run, I took it easy and flowed the course but the Sette Vexx just begs to be ridden hard so I found myself pushing it just a bit through the lower rock garden and an area that I’m familiar with and WOW the frame’s Rock Shock Vivid shock with its 8.5 inches of travel in the rear soaked up the rocks like they where not even there. The single pivot of the Sette Vexx worked great very stiff and giving the rider a lot of confidence to push it when the rough stuff comes at speed.

I pushed the bike through every rock garden as hard as I could and every time I was more impressed, but just when I thought that I couldn’t be more impressed, I was proven wrong. I noticed that the bike is very easy to handle in turns with an easy brake check into the corner and then rolling the apex under control. The Sette Vexx pays you back by the single pivot compressing and shooting you out of the corner with easy and efficient pedal strokes getting you up to speed in no time. Which brings me to the dreaded wall, the Sette Vexx was very easy to pedal with very minimal pedal bob, like I said the bike is fast and efficient.

The Sette Vexx frame gave such confidence on the trail that I was able to step up my game comfortably, my reward: 2nd place on my category!

I want to thank the Team sponsors: Sette, Serfas Optics, Hoss MTB, Evomo, KHS bicycles, Spenco, Icetoolz and Ergon, they make racing fun.

Sette VEXX-Race Ready

Posted by RL Policar On February - 18 - 2010

Last night I hosted “Shop Night.” This gave Moe the opportunity to finish up the final details on the Sette Vexx DH frame. We had planned on getting this bike completed at an earlier date, but due to injuries, and chain guide issues, it was pushed back. However, last night Moe got this thing dialed in and its ready to roll. Here’s a few snap shots. By the way, we were fortunate enough to get Team Racer, Wes Castro (Fidel’s nephew) to come down and give us a hand with the Vexx.

Here’s how things looked through Moe’s eyes after a few beers.
sette vexx

Wes going over the bike making sure things are dialed in.
sette vexx

I don’t have all the specs, but I love the whole black and white theme. Good job Moe!
sette vexx

Sette Vexx will make its racing debut this weekend at the Southridge DH races in Fontana, Ca. Wes Castro will be manning this awesome machine. sells the Sette Vexx frame for only $849. But if you want something that’s already build, you’re in luck, they have a complete Sette Vexx for $2599.98.

Sette Vexx Update 2

Posted by Moe Ramirez On December - 2 - 2009

We are almost done building the Sette Vexx DH Bike. Here are a few pictures of the 98% completed bike:

Thanks to Ner for providing the pictures of the Sette Vexx!

So what is missing? Turns out that the BB width of the Sette Vexx is 83mm, the Shimano Saint Cranks I got are 73mm, I also ran out of derailleur cable, the Vexx does not come with cable stops so the housing has to run the length of the frame. A Hozfeller Crank and Jagwire white cables are on their way, I just need to purchase the 83mm BB and the Sette Vexx will be ready to take names at the SRC Winter Series.

Sette Vexx DH Complete Bike coming soon!

Posted by Moe Ramirez On December - 2 - 2009

Check out what the Sette Vexx may look like as a complete bike:

Although we don’t have specs, it looks like they will be using SRAM, RockShox, Mavic, Kenda and Truvativ. Not too shabby, and check out the price $2,599 for a complete ready to race bike is not bad at all!!!

We will be posting an update soon on the Vexx that is currently building up, we hit a snag, but the Bike will make its debut at the Southridge Winter Series.

Sette Vexx: Initial assembly stage

Posted by Moe Ramirez On September - 13 - 2009

What to do if you are nursing a bum shoulder? Well, how about start assembling the new Sette Vexx DH frame that received a little while ago!

I grabbed my trusty IceToolz (The official tools of Team Essence Kit and started installing parts on the Vexx frame.

The Vexx comes ready for a chainguide!

Saint Cranks and AtomLab White pedals installed!

Shimano SLX rear derailleur, SRAM cassette and the sweet looking Xero Flick wheels installed.

I used the Marz 66 fork as a mock up but I’m looking to get a 200mm fork such as the Marz 888, the Boxxer or the Dorado. Does anyone want to trade a brand new Marz 66 RCV 1.5 for one of the aforementioned forks?

I will post pictures as soon as I get the fork and headset installed. This bike build is exciting, can’t wait to take the Vexx on the trails!

Sette Vexx Downhill Frame is HERE

Posted by RL Policar On September - 2 - 2009

The folks of Sette USA sent us the new Sette Vexx DH frame to build up and review. Here’s some pics of the frame right out of the box. I literally picked it up from UPS, drove down the street to look for a patch of grass and took some pics. You can still see the zip ties…

sette vexx

sette vexx

talk about heavy duty…dang!
sette vexx


Material 6061 Aluminum
Welding Tig Welded, Monocoque Top Tube Construction, CNC’d Linkage
Recommended Fork Suspension Travel 8.5″/215mm
Headset 1.5″ Threadless
Front Derailleur N/A
Bottom Bracket 83mm (w/ISCG Mounts – Old)
Max Rear Tire Clearance 2.5″
Seat Clamp Size 34.9mm
Disc Mount IS Standard
Shock Type Rock Shox Vivid 4.1
Shock Length (eye-to-eye) 9.5″/240mm
Shock Stroke 3″
Damping External ending stroke rebound, beginning stroke rebound
Available Sizes Small, Medium
Color(s) Matte Black
Weight 12.25lbs/5556g (including Shock w/Spring, Seat Collar and 150mm Rear Axle, Avg. Small)
Warranty 5 Years

Cost: $899.98 only at

rear triangle with Rock Shox Vivid

Moe will be our tester for this project. Check back for updates!

Sette Vexx DH frame now available!

Posted by Moe Ramirez On July - 7 - 2009

Back in January we posted a sneak peek of the Sette Vexx Downhill Frame:

Well, the Vexx is finally available, but in black:

The frame looks pretty slick, and at $899.98 you can definitely build a decent DH rig for a grand less than a similarly looking Fezzari Windows Peak Deemax which sells for $4,450. (Notice the uncanny resemblance of the frame)

For more information or to purchase the frame click here.

2009 Sea Otter: Quick Review Sette VEXX Sunglasses

Posted by Jeremy Yang On May - 27 - 2009

Tim Scissors scored a pair of Sette Vexx sunglasses at Sea Otter. He’s been riding with them for the past month and a half. Here are his thoughts:

Sette Vexx sunglasses from

Eye protection is of the utmost importance while doing any type of riding. Could you imagine getting a little winged fellow in your pupil while doing 20mph down some single track parallel to a nice little drop off? Well for this reason and a few more I always wear sunglasses while “eye” ride.

The Vexx are comfortable and stylish with holes on the arms and in the front for venting

My first pair of real biker glasses came in the form of Sette’s VEXX sunglasses, previously I always wore my trusty Oakley street shades. These glasses are definitely a cyclist style and not really what I’m used to. To that end they feature a nice aerodynamic shape, holes for venting, UV protection lenses and a little cyclist style. The lenses are pretty cool as they get progressively lighter towards the bottom.

Product Specifications
# Features: 100% UV protection, Impact tested Polycarbonate Lenses
# Frame Color: Black, Silver/Black
# Includes a Rigid Durable Zip Case

The first thing I noticed about the Sette glasses was how light weight they were compared to my regular glasses. They hugged my face nicely and I could barely tell they were there. The problem I always had wearing “street” shades for mtb’ing was that they would fog up at the wrong time. While wearing these they never once fogged up and the lenses were distortion free. They say that your brain will make up for any distortion in a lens but as far as I could tell, these were clear as a bell.

The Vexx are MUCH better than using street shades for biking

These glasses will now be my go to glasses whenever I cycle; I never knew what I was missing by wearing regular ol’ street shades for biking. You can find the Sette Vexx here. They are definitely worth every penny. They even come with a pretty cool and sturdy case for safe keeping.

Sturdy useful carrying case

Review: Sette Vexx Raz

Posted by Jeremy Yang On March - 4 - 2009

Product Tested:
Sette Vexx Raz, with Smoke Lens

Carbon fiber look makes these glasses stand out from the normal black and gray sunglasses

Website’s MSRP:
$ 15.98

More carbon fiber, along with an understated print “Sette”

The Sette Raz Sunglasses features 100% UV Protection. From the blaring sun to moonlit nights, you’ll always have the perfect lens for whatever the light condition calls for. The Raz has integrated Decentered Focal Point Technology to aid in keeping your glasses distortion free and provide optimal visibility. The lightweight Polycarbonate lenses are highly impact resistant to keep rocks and other small debris from hindering your sight. They are constructed with a comfortable wrap around frame to help block wind and also provide peripheral protection from harmful UV rays. The ear and nose pieces provide additional comfort by using a slip resistant coating to ensure the sunglasses stay where they’re supposed to.
• 100% UV protection, Impact tested Polycarbonate Lenses
• Frame Color: Black, Carbon
• Includes a Rigid Durable Zip Case with padded extra lens storage sleeves

Worn at Whiting Ranch during Southern California’s harsh January

About Me:
6’1” 210lbs, 29 year old male. I’m a mountain biking enthusiast who enjoys XC riding.

Testing Grounds:
Fullerton Loop, Whiting Ranch, Sycamore Canyon, commuting to/from work… bunch of other trails I don’t remember.

Soft rubber type compound helped to keep the sunglasses from slipping

First Impressions:
Nice looking pair of sunglasses. The faux carbon fiber look is pretty sweet. I even got a “Hey are those carbon fiber sunglasses?!?!?”

I am really enjoying these sunglasses. The carbon fiber definitely separates itself from many other normal looking black or dark grey sunglasses out there. Over the months of testing the glasses carbon fiber look has held on very well. In fact the product shots you see in this review were taken this week. The carbon fiber look holds up nicely to a lot of abuse.

Rubber piece still works perfectly after months of testing. Didn’t smooth out and start slipping like some other sunglasses I’ve worn

I like the way the lens gradually goes from dark up top to almost clear on the bottom. This gave it almost a polarized lens feel. Now, you might be thinking that I am full of it, but I assure you I am not. I’ve had the chance to wear some nice sunglasses: Maui Jims, Oakleys, Ray Bans… and many of those were polarized which has a distinct feel and look. The first time I put on the Vexx Raz I immediately thought that they were polarized lens even though I knew they weren’t. I was floored by how nice the blue sky looked and how comforted my eyes immediately felt when wearing the glasses. I still get that feeling even after having worn them for so many months.

The pads around the nose and ear areas are very comfortable and do a superb job of keeping the glasses from slipping around. Over time, I have found with cheaper sunglasses that the rubber pads around those areas tend to smooth out and become less grippy. I did not have this issue with the Settes.

Climbing on the singlespeed requires lots of upper body movement. The Sette Vexx Raz, however, did not move

I am really struggling here to find a weakness. I think the only thing I find annoying about the sunglasses is the case. The zipper on the case travels in the opposite to the direction I think a normal zipper would go. With most sunglass cases the zipper goes from left to right. On the Vexx Raz, the sunglass case goes the opposite way. This has thrown me a few times when I reach for the zipper and get nothing.

In general we have found that Sette products are well thought out and well done. The Sette Vexx Raz is no exception. It is clearly a good looking pair of sunglasses with its faux carbon fiber look but it also stands out in the performance department with a set of lenses that makes you wonder if they’re actually polarized or not. Lastly, the pads stay grippy on the nose and behind the ears to keep the sunglasses in place on even the most technical of trails.

For more information on the Sette Vexx Rax, click here.


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